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Sports Industry in India as a Career: An Overview

Globally, Sports is regarded as the biggest industry in terms of revenue and employment. Now Sports will be the next big industry in India

Last updated: 19.01.2018
Sports is the next big Industry in India, An overview of growing Sports Industry | Sports Social Blog

Globally, Sports is regarded as the biggest industry in terms of revenue and employment. The business is a million-dollar affair propelled by engaging customer demands. India, a developing nation plays a key role in this revenue system. However, in the recent past, the nation had not been much into it. The face of the industry and hence the scenario is changing claiming sports as the next big industry in India.

At present the total contribution is approximately 0.5% which is now experiencing an overall growth by introduction of games like Indian Premier League, Indian Super league, Indian Badminton League, Pro Kabaddi etc.

Sports industry provides a career opportunity in the following fields, to name a few:

  • Athletes

  • Coach

  • Team Manager

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Health and Fitness

The Indian sports sector is experiencing a sea of changes with all-round developments initiated by the government, the private sector as well as non- profit organisations. The government is introducing game-changing schemes such as ‘Khelo India’ to address issues regarding infrastructure, talent scouting and training facilitation. Private sector and non-profit entities are also increasingly contributing to the sector by organizing leagues and tournaments, funding talented sportspersons and getting involved in grassroots development.

The growth and development of the Indian sport industry is creating opportunities for management professionals in a wide variety of settings. Boosted by initiatives such as professional leagues of developed sports, commercialization of underdeveloped sports, professionalization of heritage sports and increased corporate sector investments, sports industry expects a faster growth in shorter time frame. It has the potential to overtake IT and related industries before 2020 in every aspect.

Other than this, growth in sports industry is paving way for other industries to flourish as well. Thus, increasing the employment rate. The sectors directly and indirectly linked with the sports industry are as follows:

  • Goods and Apparel Industry

  • Medicine sector

  • Health and Fitness Coach

  • Commercialization

  • Tourism

Since India has been a hub of these pre-existing industries, an advent in Sports Industry is boosting them providing more job opportunities. All in all, the sports industry in India has tremendous business potential, especially in the fields of marketing, management/sponsorship, exporting of goods or apparel, and sports medicine and tourism. Therefore, the time is ripe to facilitate investment mobility so that corporate houses that are already engaging in sports can upgrade to for-profit sporting ventures, while business houses that are not involved in sports so far may consider this sector as an ideal avenue for CSR activities. It’s time to find out whether the sports industry can in fact be the next big thing for India’s economy.

Viewership Stats of Indians in Major Indian Sports Leagues:

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Every age group in some way or other are following Sports, i.e. The driving force for upcoming change.

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