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How can ODI Cricket be revived?

In this article, we will talk about how ODI cricket can be revived? Every great player has played numerous ODIs and that has helped them get tons of runs in international cricket.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 23.04.2023
How can ODI Cricket be revived

Cricket is a 3 format sport and all 3 are so different from each other and all have a different life span and the one which will mark it’s 50tb anniversary soon is the ODI format which till very recently was one of the most sought after formats of the sport. Every great player has played numerous ODIs and that has helped them get tons of runs in international cricket. The ODI World Cup is the biggest trophy in cricket as it is held every 4 years.

However since the last World Cup took place in 2019, there has been a decreased importance which is being given to the ODI format and that is not a good sign because some of the greatest innings of all time have come in this very format of cricket. 

So, let’s talk about how can ODI Cricket be revived:

Increase Fan Engagement

One of the main reasons why the ODI format has lost so much importance is because the fans are no longer interested in watching the game and they rather prefer to watch test cricket or T20I cricket and the powers that be should take note if the fact and increase fan engagement especially in ODIs and have less bilaterals between nations which are not on the same level because then it becomes a one sided contest. More fan Engagement will happen if there are more multi nation series like a 3 team or a 4 team series. If the cricket fan takes to watching ODI cricket again then nothing can stop it from growing even more.

There has to be an even contest between bat and ball

The beauty of test cricket is that there is always an even contest between bat and ball all the time because the ball is either swinging or spinning and the batters have to apply the skill and score runs. The new rules for ODIs have left nothing for the bowler as there is no sense in having 1 new balls in a 50 over match because the opportunity of reverse swing goes away and then by having 4 fielders outside the ring is ridiculous and bowlers should be allowed to put saliva on the ball now that Covid is behind.

The format has to be changed

ODI cricket will not be able to survive for long in its current 50 overs format as the fans do not have the patience to watch 100 overs in a day when Watching 90 overs in a test match day seems a lot. At first the ODIs were 60 overs each and then realizing the times they changed it to 50 overs and now again is the time to reduce it to 40 overs at least and that eliminates the period from overs 15-40 when the match gets boring. ICC has to come up with innovative solutions of the ODI format has to survive in the long term

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