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Top 5 Batters with most 90s in ODI cricket career

Check out the list of top 5 batters who have gotten out in the 90s during their ODI cricket career. Sachin Tendulkar got out for the 18 times in the nervous nineties.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.03.2022
Top 5 Batters with most 90s in ODI cricket career

This is one topic which is a delight for us writers byr it is something that no batter wants to look at because it means the number of times he has missed out on a hundred plus score and got out as they say in the Nervous Nineties but still it is 90+ runs for the team in a match for their nations. So, they should be very proud that they got to a score of 90 or more in ODI cricket.

There are a lot of batters who have got out in the 90s in their ODI career by one reason or the another like trying to hit a six to get to a hundred or they got bowled or caught behind the wicket, they get very sad when they get out just before scoring a hundred but they should also be very proud that they were able to contribute a lot of runs for the team’s cause. So, let’s see which are the Top 5 Batters who have gotten out in the 90s during their ODI cricket career.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (18 Times): 

Just like every other batting record that Sachin Tendulkar holds In ODI cricket, this record for the most number of 90s in ODI History by a batter also Is held by him and he is way ahead at 18 Times from the rest of the pack and this just goes to show how much batting Sachin Tendulkar did In the ODI format of cricket and there are 18 Times when he missed scoring a hundred even though he has 49 ODI Hundreds to his name which is a world record so if he would have converted all the 90s scores into three figures then he would have 67 centuries. The greatest of the ODI game.


2. Grant Flower (9 Times): 

The second player in this list is the great Grant Flower from Zimbabwe who was one of their best ever players and he scored a lot of runs against top quality bowling attacks and got 6 hundreds and he has got 9 scores of 90 or more so if would have converted  all these scores then he would have 15 ODI hundreds and he played for 18 years for Zimbabwe and since his time there have been not too many great batters from the nation of Zimbabwe and that’s very sad to see , hopefully more players like Grant Flower come from Zimbabwe in the future.


3. Nathan Astle (9 Times): 

Another player who has scored 9 scores of 90 or more is one I’d the best batters of New Zealand cricket who played in the era of the best cricketers ever and he served New Zealand cricket very highly for 12 years from 1995-2007 playing 223 ODIs and scoring over 7000 runs. He has scored 16 ODI Hundreds and he could have had 25 Hundreds if he had converted these scores but even without these scores he is still one of the greats of the modern game.


4. Aravinda De Silva (9 Times): 

The third player on this list to have 9 scores of 90 or more in ODI cricket in their careers and this batter is one of the longest serving ODI players for Sri Lanka in their cricket history and he has played more than 300 ODI matches and got more than 9000 runs. He was able to score 11 ODI hundreds but he got 9 scores of 90+ as well so he could have had 20 ODI hundreds but still he was an excellent servant of Sri Lankan cricket for 19 years and will always be remembered by all Sri Lankan cricket fans for years to come.


5. Jacques Kallis (8 Times): 

The fifth and last player on this list is one of the greatest all round cricketers of all time in Jacques Kallis. He was a truly special player who played more than 300 ODI matches and more than 11000 ODI runs. He has got 17 ODI hundreds and 8 scores of over 90+ so he could have had 26 ODI centuries and he will forever be one I’d South Africa cricket’s greatest cricketers.


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