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Should Messi bid adieu to Barcelona this season?

Will Messi be leaving Barcelona at the end of the season? The truth will surface eventually, however, fans should realize the realities encompassing this basic issue.

Last updated: 23.02.2020
Messi leaving Barcelona | Sports Social Blog

Indeed, Lionel Messi is THE best player Barcelona has ever seen. He's surely had an incredible career with the club, yet bits of gossip flourish as to his loyalty. New data, interviews, and scraps continue coming up, and fans far and wide need to know the truth. Will Messi be leaving Barcelona at the end of the season? The truth will surface eventually, however, fans should realize the realities encompassing this basic issue.

Messi has a clause in his contract which allows him to leave freely at the end of the season. Barcelona wants to grant these players the right to leave without losing out on profits because, as president Bartomeu has mentioned before, they deserve liberty.

Having mentioned those, we venture into reasons why he might leave: -

For keeping his dignity alive: -

Messi has recently been emphatic about the fact that it's not currently in his plans to play elsewhere, that his intention is to make Barcelona European Champions again. Even though his family is well settled in the Catalan city, there’s a thing that differentiates him from the rest of the flock. His hunger to compete and win. For example, he himself told RAC1 radio: "Obviously, I want to win and I want to win at this club ... but I want to keep competing and winning."

So, from this, it’s clear that he doesn’t want to be around Camp Nou when it is burning under the mismanagement.

For the sake of his club: -

It’s known to everybody how dependent Barca is on Messi. Period. Apart from the fact that they are over-relying on the legend, other factors need to be sorted out as well. This can only be done, when he is not with the team anymore. Messi has a say in most decisions Barcelona takes off the pitch as well, which is not a good thing to happen at a club of such stature. Even though this was only for the betterment of the team, there’s a point where a person has to let go, to let the team grow independently, devoid of any control from players.

Messi's stats at Barcelona: Messi's record at Barcelona

For showing his might in another league: -

Not many players want to leave a set-up that has been structured by their close guidance and Messi, is surely not one of them, just that he has to prove I to the people around of what he can give to the team in a totally new league. Messi has been with Barcelona since he was a kid, and in another year, it will be 20 years since Messi, came into La Masia. His loyalty cannot be questioned at all but it is to see how well he manages to dominate a different league, the likes of what he did with Barcelona.

Lack of motivation: -

Messi has won it all with Barcelona and that too multiple times. From winning the LaLiga and the UEFA Champions League to becoming regular European Golden Boot winner and Ballon d'Or awardee, Messi has ticked everything off. So, there’s no reason going back at it again. This brings monotonousness and a player wouldn’t be as competitive as before. With a rumor of a bid from Manchester City, this might be the best time for him to make the move because at 32 he might not have a long time to play and he has to prove himself within what’s in store.


What do you think would be Messi’s pathway into the next season?

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