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28 Unknown Facts about Lionel Messi's Life 

Lionel Messi's first contract with Barcelona was detailed out on a paper napkin! Read some more interesting, amazing facts about him

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 27.11.2017
Messi with his wife and son | Sports Social Blog

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1) Lionel Andrés Messi’s father Jorge Messi was a steelworker, and he also coached the local youth football team.

2) Messi shares his birthplace with the Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevera.


3) At the age of four, he joined local club Grandoli, where he was coached by his father, though his earliest influence as a player came from his maternal grandmother, Celia, who accompanied him to training and matches.

4) He was greatly affected by her death, shortly before his eleventh birthday; since then, as a devout Catholic, he has celebrated his goals by looking up and pointing to the sky in tribute of his grandmother.

5) At a tender age of 11, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency which was stopping his normal growth rate.His parents could not afford his treatment, which was $1000 a Month.

6) In September 2000, First team director Charly Rexach of Barcelona immediately wanted to sign him, but the board of directors hesitated; at the time it was highly unusual for European clubs to sign foreign players of such a young age.

7) Messi’s first contract with Barcelona was detailed out on a paper napkin!

8) At the age of 17, he made his league debut against RCD Espanyol and became the third youngest person ever to play on Barcelona. At that time he was also the youngest player to ever score for Barcelona.

9) Barcelona was so impressed with Messi’s foot skills that they offered to pay his medical bills and move the family to Spain just to sign him when he was 13. That probably explains why the contract was first signed on a napkin.

10) His son, Thiago, was born on November 2, 2012. "Today I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift!"  he wrote on his Facebook page.

11) Messi holds two passports - Argentina’s and Spain’s. He became a Spanish citizen in September 2005.

12) His 2005 international debut lasted 47 seconds when he received a red card after coming on as a substitute.

13) Messi inherited the No. 10 Barca jersey from another great footballer Ronaldinho in the summer of 2008.

14) At the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, along with the Argentinian football team, he won an Olympic gold medal.

15) At 22, Messi got his first FIFA World Player of the Year award. After that, he made efforts to keep that award in his possession by winning the award for the next 3 years.

16) At the age of 25, Messi scored 200 goals in the Spanish La Liga making him the youngest player to achieve such.

17) Messi is the only player (Along with England’s Vivian Woodward) to have scored 25 goals in a calendar year during international competition with both his club and his country.

18) Messi was once offered a place in Spain’s National Team which he didn’t accept.

19) Messi is the sixth youngest soccer player to score a goal in a World Cup games.

20) One of Messi’s nicknames is “The Flea” due to his speed and agility.

21) If for whatever reason, Barcelona decides to cancel their contract with Lionel Messi, they will have to cough up over $330 million for a breach of contract.

22) According to Forbes, Messi has a Net worth of $600 million and is currently the the richest footballer in the world.

23) According to, He Makes up to $128,000 per day which included contracts and endorsements.

24) He is the first football player in the World to win three European Golden Shoe Awards.

25) He is the first footballer in the world to win three European Golden Shoe award.

26) He has scored most Hat-Tricks in Barcelona.

27) Messi scored 91 goals in 2012. Which is a world record for most goals in a year.

28) He has been dating his Argentine-born girlfriend and mother of his child - Antonella Roccuzzo - since 2009.


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