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Where is Lionel Messi going after leaving PSG?

Where is Lionel Messi going after leaving PSG? Lionel Messi has been playing for PSG since the last 2 seasons and he has been very successful at PSG also.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 05.06.2023
Where is Lionel Messi going after leaving PSG?

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Lionel Messi is a name that every sports fan in the world knows about and he is the greatest of all time after he won the World Cup last year in December and he has been playing for PSG since the last 2 seasons and he has been very successful at PSG with 22 goals and 30 assists in the 2 league seasons he has in the league. The PSG fans did not deserve him as they were continuously booing him in every match and this is the reason why he was feeling relieved after it all got over and so did his fans.

However the big question is which club should he go to next as there are multiple options for him and a lot of clubs have offered him the services and it will be very interesting to watch in the transfer window. 


So, let’s look at the options that are there in front of the great man:

FC Barcelona

This is the first option and this is the option which he wants the most and his heart wants to come back to Barcelona but there are a lot of complications as in FC Barcelona will have to wait for a few days before they can offer him a salary and the meeting will be on Tuesday and the hops is that La Liga will give the green signal to the financial plan and then FC Barcelona will be able to offer him a concrete contact and it will be for 25 million euros. This will be the dream return for Messi, the club and all the fans.

Al Hilal

This is the Saudi Arabian club that has officially offered to Messi the biggest contract seen in the history of football and it is to the credit of Messi that he has not accepted the offer because he wants to return to FC Barcelona. Al Hilal babe offered him a contract of $1.2 Billion for 2 years and if it was anyone other than him then they would have taken the offer right then and there but if FC Barcelona are not able to compete his signing for some reason then this would be the best option because at the end of the day thus huge amount of money matters to everyone and it will make Messi a billionaire. The Saudi Arabia league already has Cristiano Ronaldo and now they are getting Karim Benzema and this will be the ultimate signing.

Inter Miami

The wild card in this race is this club from the USA and this is the biggest club in the USA football league and Inter Miami could give him a contract where there would be a clause where he would be able to play for 18 months in FC Barcelona as a loan player and this way the dream of all FC Barcelona fans and Messi will be able to hey fulfilled and they will get to see Messi play in front of his home fans. Inter Miami have offered him a contract of 40 million dollars per year and Messi has time to decide.

All his fans want him to return back to FC Barcelona and play and end his career at the club where he started. Let’s see what happens during the next few days and weeks and a decision will be made very soon.

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