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Top 5 Teams with most fours in IPL history

Check out the list of top 5 teams with most fours in IPL history. Mumbai Indians is leading the tally with 2980 fours in IPL.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 29.01.2022
Teams with most fours in IPL history

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IPL is a league where hitting sixes is the cool thing to do and when a batter hits a well timed shot for a boundary not many people take notice of it or give the adequate attention it deserves. We are here to give the fours the attention it warrants. There are some teams that may not have that many sixes as compared to the other teams in the IPL but they are the ones who hit the most runs in a match because they keep the scoreboard ticking by hitting those fours and adding to the score.

There are some players in these teams that have hit the most number of fours in IPL history that make batting look so easy and show that it is not all about hitting big sixes and by hitting fours the teams can post big totals and win matches. Let’s look at the Top 5 teams with most fours in IPL.

1. Mumbai Indians (2980 Fours): 


Just like in the case like Mumbai Indians hit the most number of sixes in IPL history, they have also hit the most number of fours as well in IPL history and this is one of the reasons why this incredible team has won 5 IPL titles and their players like Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar etc who like hitting fours along the ground have been one of the reasons why they have been the team to hit the most number of fours and there is no doubt that in the upcoming season they will become the first team to hit 3000 fours in IPL history.


2. Delhi Capitals (2860 Fours): 

After Mumbai Indians , the team which has hit the most number of fours in the history of the IPL is the Delhi Capitals team who might not have won the IPL over the years but since 2018 when they became the Delhi Capitals they have been a regular in the playoffs for the IPL and their batters like Shikhar Dhawan who holds the record for hitting the most fours by a single batter in the IPL and players like Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Prithvi Shaw who like hitting so many boundaries is a result that this great team , is number 2 on this list and if more such players come in this team they will hit more fours.


3. Kolkata knight Riders (2840 Fours): 

This is a team which likes hitting fours and sixes in equal measure and they have had players who like hitting fours along the ground and winning tournaments as well by not hitting too many sixes but by hitting boundaries and there is absolutely no doubt that they might reach the number 2 spot in this list when the 15th season starts in April this year.


4. Punjab Kings (2775 Fours): 

Like in the case of the most sixes list , the team from Punjab is also among the top 5 of this list as well which shows that they have had great players who have played for this franchise in the 14 years of the IPL but they have failed to gel as a team which has made them not title contenders. Hopefully they hit more fours and find a good team that can win the IPL title as well.


5. Royal Challengers Bangalore (2720 Fours): 

The RCB team is a team that is among the best when it comes to hitting fours and sixes in the IPL as they have the players to do that over the years and they have been title contenders for every season but it’s the final hurdle that they have been not able to cross. The hope is they do more of the Same but get past that final hurdle as well for their loyal fans.


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