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Ashes 2023 - Controversy’s Favorite Child

Let's look at the list of Controversies that have surrounded the Ashes 2023. It has not even been 2 Test Matches into the Ashes and the list of controversies has become greater than the 2 tests.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 05.07.2023
Ashes 2023 Controversy Favorite Child

It has not even been 2 Test Matches into the Ashes and the list of controversies has become greater than the 2 tests and all the attention has been given to the various incidents which help give the series the much needed boost but it takes away from the high quality cricket that both teams have been playing and there are still 3 Test Matches to go. No one knows how many more such controversies are left to be seen.

So, let’s look at the list of Controversies that have surrounded the Ashes so far and hopefully none to come in the next 3 Test Matches

England declared on the first day of first test match

This is not a big one but it is something that caused everyone to look and be shocked because England were cruising on the first day of the first test match and for them to declare at 390 on the first day and for them to then lose the test match was something which compounded the issue and the fans as well as the former England greats slammed this decision. However this was the least of the controversies.

Steve Smith took a catch and was given out but it was not clean

In this second test match Steve Smith took a catch and it was given out but when the fans looked at the replays it showed that the catch was not cleanly taken and the umpire should not have given that out as the ball WWE clearly touching the ground. And this catch by Steve Smith proved very important to the result of this test match.

Mitchell Starc took a catch but he fell and the ball touched the ground and was given not out

The opposite has also happened in the Ashes and in the second last day of the test Match Mitchell Starc took a catch and it was clean but he lost his balance and the ball touched the ground when he fell. It was given out in the crease but when it went to the third umpire then the third umpire took his time before deciding that it was not out and Mitchell Starc and the Australia players were not happy as that decision could have proven to be decisive.

Usman Khawaja had an argument with the members of The Long Room at Lord’s

This was one such issue that happened out of the playing area and it was equally disturbing because Usman Khawaja who is one of the best batters in the Ashes so far had a big argument with 3 members of the Lord’s Members Gallery in the Long Room and some things were said to him and he responded. This issue could have been avoided and the MCC has suspended 3 members after this incident.

Jonny Bairstow Run out by Alex Carey

However the biggest one of them all happened on the 5th day of this test match and it was something that was so Controversial that it divided opinion between the experts of the 2 countries and the Prime Ministers of both the nations have gotten involved. It was an incident where Jonny Bairstow was going out of his crease after every ball and Alex Carey was seeing it happening and when it was the last ball of the over the Jonny Bairstow again walled out and thus time Alex Carey threw the ball at the stumps and by the rules of the game Jonny Bairstow had to be given out. This has angered the English Media whereas Australia are saying he should have been in his crease. The players are angry with each other and the coaches have gotten into a spat. Hopefully nothing like this happens in the coming test matches but going by what is going on it can be said that there is a lot more to come.

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