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Charlotte Flair - The Greatest Women’s Superstar in WWE

Charlotte Flair has earned this title through her hard work and her in ring prowess and not because her last name is Flair. Let’s look at the overall journey of Charlotte Flair that has made her the Greatest.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 30.12.2021
Charlotte Flair The Greatest Women Superstar in WWE

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Charlotte Flair has earned this title through her hard work and her in ring prowess and not because her last name is Flair. Charlotte Flair has not been the favorite of the WWE fans but for 7 years she has shown up and showed out. It will be interesting to take a look at her journey thus far.

Charlotte Flair debuted in NXT in the 2010s and immediately she was at the top of the card. In the beginning it can be said that she didn’t deserve ri go at the top quickly but she worked harder than everyone to prove why she deserves to be in the greats. Let’s look at the overall journey of Charlotte Flair that has made her the Greatest.

NXT Journey


Charlotte Flair debuted in NXT In the 2010s and her physical stature and her athleticism stood out from everyone else but she wasn’t ready to go to the top of the card and she was put there prematurely and she got a lot of hate for it but that motivated her even more and she started proving why she has been put there. She had a great match with Natalya which out her on the map and from there on there was no looking back. She won the NXT Women’s championship soon after and was a part of the Four Horsewomen of WWE. Charlotte Flair stayed at the top for the duration she was in NXT and in 2015 it was time for her to move to the main roster.

Instant success in the main roster

She debuted in 2015 along with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks and all Three of them made instant impacts especially Charlotte Flair as she won the Divas championships within a few minutes of her arrival against Nikki Bella and she would continue to be champion till WrestleMania 32 and in between that time she had amazing matches with a variety of opponents and priced why she was the chosen one in WWE. Her wrestling skills were second to none. At WrestleMania 32, she had a breakout showing and won the WWE Women’s championship and cemented her legacy further.

Career changing Rivalry with Sasha Banks

Then came 2016 and still the fans continued to disrespect her and hated her but one Rivalry with Sasha Banks changed everything. Two of the best female wrestlers in WWE feuded for months over the Raw Women’s Championship in a series of amazing and history making matches culminating in a hell in a cell match and Charlotte Flair won that match and the fans finally respected her and her body of work.

2018-2021 Charlotte

Between these 4 years Charlotte Flair ascended to the top of the industry and won many championships along the way and never had a bad match and even made her opponents better as a result. She was in a legendary Rivalry with Asuka and she broke her undefeated streak at WrestleMania 34 in the best match of her career so far. Then she had great matches against Becky Lynch, Carmella etc and proved why she is genetically superior. She has won 13 tiles so far and it looks like she will eclipse her father who has 16 title reigns. It’s 2021 and still she continues to make new stars like Bianca Belair, Tinu Storm to name a few.

Looking ahead

Charlotte Flair is hitting her peak at this time and it cannot be imagined how far and how successful she will become in the future. She has already achieved so much that if she retires now she will directly go in the hall of fame but she has hunger inside of her she she wants to be the greatest, be it man or woman in WWE History and she will not stop at anything. So , the WWE fans will get to see more phenomenal wrestling from Charlotte Flair in the years to come.

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