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WWE Clash at the Castle Match Card 2022 Part-2

In this article, we will take a look at the WWE Clash at the Castle Match Card. It will be held at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff and the expected capacity is more than 70,000 fans so WWE.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 16.08.2022
WWE Clash at the Castle Match Card 2022 Part-2

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In the previous article we talked about the 3 confirmed matches taking place at Clash at the Castle PPV and in this one we will try to speculate what are the other matches that might take place on this show because this is such a big show that WWE will try to get everyone involved in this show and try to give a match to all of its major superstars so it will be fun to guess what other matches might fill out this show card. All the wrestlers will be buzzing to perform in the UK and they know that the 70,000 crowd will cheer for everything and this will motivate them more.

So without wasting anymore time let’s get into se speculation and fill out the card for Clash at the Castle PPV. I request all of our readers to formulate their own match cards and see whether we agree or not.

Rumored Matches


Edge vs Finn Balor

This match looks like it will most likely happen at this show and the story for this match has been building for a long time since Finn Balor attached Edge along with Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest and this match taking place in the UK where Din. Balor is from will be a big moment for Finn Balor and Edge as well and these 2 will go out there and have a great match and I think Finn Balor can even bring out the Demon for this match and if that does happen then Finn Balor will win this match.

Seth Rollins vs Riddle

This match is another that will take place at Clash at the Castle as it could not happen at SummerSlam and Riddle will be angry with Seth Rollins and these 2 are going to have a banger at that show and the fans there will love every second of it. Seth Rollins is in the form of his life where he cannot have a bad match and as Riddle is such a great wrestler himself so this match might steal the show.

Gunther vs Sheamus – Intercontinental Championship

Sheamus has wanted to hold this title for a very long time and it is the only title he has not held in his career and there will be no better place than UK to do it in and Sheamus can have his title match against Gunther at this show and all Wrestling fans will be salivating seeing two heavy hitters go at it in a physical match and these 2 can go for 20 minutes plus so I think this match will be on this show.

The Usos vs Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens – WWE Undisputed Tag team Championship

This is a dream match of mine as Sami Zayn is kit getting favours from the Bloodline and it is only a matter of time before they attack Sami Zayn and when it happens Kevin Owens should come and save him and then these 2 should challenge The Usos to a tag team title match and beat them and there will be no bigger stage than this to do this match in front of 70,000 fans in the UK.

The Miz vs AJ Styles

This is the last of my rumored matches and you cannot keep AJ Styles off such a big show and he is going at it with the Miz and they will culminate their feud at Clash at the Castle and these 2 veteran superstars will want to put on a show for the fans present there and have a banger and in this match AJ Styles could beat the Miz once again.

This show will have a lot of surprises as well and we will talk about those potential Surprises in a separate article. These 2 articles were the match card that I predict for the big UK show and WWE will go all out for this event. I am very excited to see this live show on 3rd September.

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