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Top 5 Best Neeraj Chopra Performances

The biggest achievement In the career of Neeraj Chopra so far and without a doubt the best performance of his career is the Gold Medal at the 2020 Olympics. Check out his top 5 best performances.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 25.08.2022
Top 5 Best Neeraj Chopra Performances

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We are back with yet another best performance article and this time it is about the star of Indian sports and the man who won the Gold Medal in Javelin Throw at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and created history in the process. Not only that he has won medals in the other tournaments as well like the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. Neeraj Chopra is 25 years old and if he is fit then he will easily go to another 10 years which means more Gold Medals for the champion.

Before we talk about the best performances of this man I want to tell you that watching him throw the Javelin is a work of art and the whole of India has faith in him that he will win the Gold Medal or win a medal in every event that he takes part in. Neeraj Chopra is a national icon and he has just started in his career. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best Neeraj Chopra Performances

2020 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medal


The biggest achievement In the career of Neeraj Chopra so far and without a doubt the best performance of his career is the Gold Medal at the Olympics he got last year. Neeraj Chopra became the only track and field athlete in 135 years of Olympics to win a Gold Medal from India. He was not the favorite but when he threw 87.03 in the first throw he set the tone for the other athletes and in his second throw he threw the Javelin further at 87.58 meters and from there no one could catch up to him and when all the 6 throws were done Neeraj Chopra was standing at the top of the podium.

2022 World Championship Silver Medal

The second performance In this list is from this year and just a few months ago Neeraj Chopra made another slice of history as he won the first Silver Medal by an Indian athlete at the World Championship earlier this year. He was in a bit of pressure then in his 4th throw he threw the Javelin at 88.13 meters which was 0.4 more than the third place holder and he even got injured while throwing the silver medal throw but he has won another silver Medal for India. One of his all time great performances.

2018 Asian Games Gold Medal

The 2018 Asian Games Gold Medal is also one of the best performances in the career of Neeraj Chopra and he scripted history yet again when he was just 21 and he threw 88.06 meters and win the Asian Games Gold for India In 2018 and the talent was seen at a very early age that this young boy had a very special talent of throwing the Javelin and maybe he could win a medal at the Olympics but no one knew the heights that this man would reach in just 4 years after that.

2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal

A few months before he won the Asian Games Gold Medal he went into the Commonwealth Games and he was the best thrower in the competition throwing an impressive 86.47 in his 4th attempt and no one could stand close to him as all of the 4 legal throws by Neeraj were above any of the other throws by all the other competitors. Neeraj Chopra had become a star and a few months later he would repeat his heroics at the Asian Games.

2016 World Junior Championships

The fifth performance in my list is the 2016 World Junior Championships and here Neeraj Chopra showed the world what he is truly capable of aa he not only threw 86.48 but also smashed the World Junior Record and won a historic Gold Medal in the event and no other Javelin Thrower was able to come anywhere near him and here the seeds were sown as to how big the plant or Neeraj Chopra would become and still 10 years are left.

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