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Can Anybody Stop the Yankees?

It has been over a decade since the Yankees last won the World Series, but man, these 2022 Yankees sure do look the part. So can anybody stop the Yankees?

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 12.07.2022
Can Anybody Stop the Yankees?

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It has been over a decade since the Yankees last won the World Series, but man, these 2022 Yankees sure do look the part. They are the only team with a win percentage above 70%, which currently sits at 72.3%. The next closest team is the Astros with a win percentage of 65.9%. That is a massive difference between the first place team and the second one. 

Unsurprisingly, they also have the best run differential in the entire MLB too. In fact, them and the Dodgers are the only teams in the MLB with a run differential over 100, and the Yankees are all the way up to 176! That is insane, the Astros, by the way, have a run differential of +93. Still very good, but not even close to the Yankees, 

So, the question is: is there anybody out there that can stop the Yankees? One of the fun things that sports fans and especially sports bettors can do is place some fun MLB Parlays and put the Yankees in this parlay, which almost feels like an easy win. 


Just How Good are the Yankees?

I already went into the high level statistics of the Yankees to detail how good they are, but it goes even deeper than that. So they have the best record in the MLB at 60-23, which equates to the 72.3% win percentage that I referenced earlier. 

So, let’s get into the deeper stats. Starting with team batting statistics, the Yankees led the league in the following categories:

  • OPS

  • Runs

  • Home Runs

  • RBIs

  • Walks

They are also second in slugging %, and third in on base %. Their batting is just obscene. Of course, they are led by superstar and MVP favorite Aaron Judge. He leads the league in home runs with 30 total, and the 2nd place player (Kyle Schwarber) is a full 3 home runs behind him. Unsurprisingly, Judge also leads MLB in player runs. He is also third in OPS, and second in slugging %. It is no surprise that the best offense in the MLB is also led by the best batter in the MLB, but the Yankees are loaded outside of Judge too. 

Aside from Aaron Judge, their lineup is still absolutely stacked. Giancarlo Stanton is having somewhat of a down year, but he is still as feared a hitter as any. He is only batting .237, but he still has 21 home runs. He is the Yankees cleanup hitter, batting 4th in the lineup. So, even with his down year he still plays an invaluable role for the Yankees.

Their leadoff man is 33 year old DJ LeMahieu. He is having a little bit of a down year, batting .263 (he is a career .298 hitter) with 8 home runs. I could go all day, but even outside of these 3 hitters they are loaded with plus batters such as Aaron Hicks, Josh Donaldson, and Gleyber Torres (who bats cleanup when Stanton is injured).

So Their Hitting is Good, What About Pitching?

Unfortunately for the rest of the MLB, the Yankees hitting isn’t the only strong part of their team. Even with having the best batting team in the entire MLB, they are also stout from a pitching aspect as well.

They have the 2nd best ERA in the MLB with the best batting average (meaning they allow the worst batting average of opposing hitters) as well. It is truly unfair that the Yankees can be this good of a hitting team, while also having stellar pitching as well. 

Their stud is Gerrit Cole, who has an 8-2 record with a 3.26 ERA and 124 strikeouts. His ERA isn’t quite as good as you would expect from someone as good as Cole, but make no mistake about it, he is still one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. His 124 strikeouts is good for 4th in the MLB. 

The truly scary part about the Yankees, though, is how good the rest of their pitching is. I mentioned Cole and his 3.26 ERA, but the Yankees actually have 3 other starting pitchers with a lower ERA. One of these is Nester Cortes, who has the 9th lowest ERA in all of baseball, which is 2.44. All 5 of the Yankees starting pitchers have an ERA below 4, which is just ridiculous when you consider they also have the best batting in the MLB too. 

Overall, it is no surprise that the Yankees are betting favorites to win the World Series. Most sportsbooks have them at +400 to win the World Series, with BetMGM having them as the biggest favorites at +375, which gives them roughly a 20% chance of winning. The next best team after the Yankees are the Dodgers. 

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