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Famous MLB Players Who Became Business Moguls

In this article, we take a look at the famous MLB players who became business moguls. There are a number of players to achieve this feat, here check out the top 10.

Last updated: 16.06.2022
Famous MLB Players Who Became Business Moguls

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In this article, we take a look at the famous MLB players who became business moguls. There are a number of players to achieve this feat, here check out the top 10.


Steve Cohen


The New York Mets owner Steve Cohen purchased the club for a record of $2.4 billion dollars. 


Juan Soto

Major League Baseball legend and outfielder for the Washington Nationals, Juan Soto is the president and founder of IT Impact. It Impact is a consulting service. IT impact helps companies with customer solutions.


Cal Ripken Jr

Cal Ripken Jr, the Hall of Famer , the legendary shortstop and legendary third basemen for the Major League Baseball Leagues works hard for kids throughout the world. The Cal Ripken Sr foundation has created an education program. The Cal Ripken Sr foundation uses baseball as a hook to get in front of kids to talk to them about life and improve their lives. The Cal Ripken Sr foundation wants kids to make good life decisions.

These baseball youth fields are unique and are a first of it`s kind in changing kid`s lives. These fields are home to various after school programs and sports.

Randall Thompson


Randall Thompson, is a former right handed pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays and Dugout Mugs founder and curved an idea to turn baseball bats into mugs. The idea was first thought of by Randall Thompson in the year 2014. Dugout Mugs as a company reached the 7 figure mark in the year 2017.

The future of Randall Thompson`s company Dugout Mugs is really looking great and is thriving to new heights as it has more people talking about the company. The company is getting a lot of traction from the baseball community and other communities as a whole right now. 


Tom Ricketts


The legendary chairman of the Major League Baseball`s Chicago Cubs club. The Chicago Cubs club owner Tom Ricketts previously worked as a chief executive officer of an investment company he cofounded called Incapital. The Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was introduced as chairman of the Chicago Cubs in the year 2009.


Jerry Reinsdorf


Major League Baseball legend (MLB) Jerry Reinsdorf, CPA, lawyer and the phenomenal club owner of the legendary Chicago White Sox.

Derek Jeter


Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Derek Jeter who once captained the world champs is a outstanding Chief Executive Officer of one of Major League Baseball`s super teams known as the Marlins.


Alex Rodriguez


Major League Baseball (MLB) legend  Alex Rodriguez, baseball star player and entrepreneur founded a new age company called Embark. Embark is a company that develops software for self driving trucks.  Let`s see what the future holds.


Marvin Miller


As executive director of the Major League Baseball Association from 1966 to 1982. Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Marvin Miller ensured that all players wanted to talk on a equal bases with management.

This marked the start of the Major League Baseball Association. Marvin Miller was recruited to explain to players that they could collectively negotiate all terms and conditions of employment  All the benefits that professional baseball players are reaping now are all because Marvin Miller and his leadership.

Nolan Ryan

Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Nolan Ryan pursues a successful ranch and agriculture  franchise.  The Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher is part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Nolan Ryans partnership with Kroger has launched a range of meat products.

MLB legend Nolan Ryan`s agricultural business turned into a successful franchise that allowed him to  also have his own line of tobacco products. Nolan Ryan`s tobacco line is known as the The Ryan Express. Nolan Ryan is also an ambassador of the Nokona baseball glove among other products Nokona has to offer, Nature`s Pearl products,  as well as  American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning.


Joe Cronin


Major League Baseball (MLB) legend Joe Cronin is founder, president and chief executive officer of Incentive services. The company was started in 1981.  A bright future for the company.


Kim Ng


Miami Marlin`s next general manager Kim Ng.  What a moment in history. In a field of heavy hitters Kim Ng became the first female general manager in baseball history. She climbed the league of Major League teams and the Dodgers to set foot as the next general manager for the super Major League Baseball team known to be the Miami Marlins.  Exciting times indeed.


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