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Top 5 Detroit Pistons best draft picks of all time

The Detroit Pistons have enjoyed plenty of success throughout the years. The Pistons attribute a substantial percentage of their victories to their draft picks. A look at the top 5 Detroit Pistons best draft picks of all time.

Last updated: 26.05.2023
Detroit Pistons best draft picks of all time

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The draft lottery determined the top 14 choices for the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft, which is set for June 22. The Detroit Pistons had the greatest chances going into the night, but they ended up with the No. 5 selection. The Draft Digest crew will be going into potential Pistons' range prospects between now through the 2023 NBA Draft. Detroit was let down by the outcome as they finished with the poorest regular season record and slipped all the way to fifth place. Although there will be a ton of great players to pick from in that area, a trade-up is always a possibility given that middling rebuilding clubs like Portland and Charlotte are still hanging around at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.


Detroit Pistons have enjoyed plenty of success throughout the years. The Pistons attribute a substantial percentage of their victories to their draft picks, much like every other successful club. The top five draft selections in Detroit Pistons history will be highlighted in this article. These players not only left a lasting impression on the club, but they also permanently altered basketball.



Isiah Thomas (1981):


Isiah Thomas, who was perhaps the best player in Pistons history, was chosen as the second overall choice in the 1981 NBA Draft. Thomas guided the Pistons to back-to-back NBA titles in 1989 and 1990 during his 13-year career, which he spent entirely with the organization. Thomas was a dynamic point guard who was renowned for his excellent ball handling, court vision, and capacity to perform under pressure. He was a 12-time NBA All-Star and had a significant impact on Detroit's "Bad Boys" movement.


Bob Lanier (1970):


Bob Lanier, who was selected first overall by the Pistons in 1970, dominated the NBA for many years. The 6'11" centre, who averaged 22.7 points per game over the course of his 10 seasons with the organization, offered flexibility and scoring power to the Pistons. Lanier was selected for eight All-Star games for to his excellent footwork, shooting abilities, and rebounding skills. His influence went beyond the court, and he is still remembered as a key player in the development of basketball in Detroit.


Joe Dumars (1985):


Joe Dumars, who was selected by the Pistons with the 18th overall choice in the 1985 NBA Draft, played a crucial role in the success of the team in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Isiah Thomas and Dumars made a strong backcourt combo, and Dumars is renowned for his strong defence and clutch shooting. He was an essential part of both of the Pistons' championship drives and was named NBA Finals MVP in 1989 for his contributions. Dumars is recognized as one of the finest shooting guards of his era and was a six-time NBA All-Star.


Dennis Rodman (1986):


It is impossible to overstate Dennis Rodman's influence on the Pistons. Rodman, who was chosen with the 27th overall choice in the 1986 NBA Draft, transformed the position of the defensive-minded forward. He won two NBA Defensive Player of the Year titles thanks to his unrelenting energy, superb rebounding abilities, and defensive toughness. The "Bad Boys" era of the Pistons was greatly aided by Rodman, who gave the squad grit and an unequalled work ethic. Two NBA titles were made possible thanks to his assistance.


Grant Hill (1994):


The Pistons organization was filled with anticipation and potential when Grant Hill was chosen as the third overall choice in the 1994 NBA Draft. Hill soon rose to the top of the league as a result of his outstanding all-around abilities. Hill led the Pistons to several postseason berths when he was a member of the organization, and he was selected for the NBA All-Star Game five times in a row. Hill's effect and achievements cannot be disregarded, despite the fact that his time in Detroit was cut short due to injury.


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