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Top 5 New York Knicks best draft picks of all time

The New York Knicks, one of the most illustrious teams in NBA history, have selected a number of notable players over the years. Take a look at the top 5 New York Knicks best draft picks of all time.

Last updated: 25.05.2023
New York Knicks best draft picks of all time

For the New York Knicks, this trade season is one of the busiest in recent memory. Numerous speculations involving players from all across the league have involved the Knicks. not to mention draft pick trade speculations involving the Knicks. The Knicks have one of the largest collections of draft selections in the NBA, and they appear prepared to utilize them to make a pivotal play. Together, these two factors have given them the opportunity to be mentioned in practically every NBA trade rumor this summer. We felt that a recap of the Knicks draft selections was appropriate given all the buzz.


The New York Knicks, one of the most illustrious teams in NBA history, have selected a number of notable players over the years. Although there have been highs and lows for the squad, there have been notable players who have had a big influence on the organization. This article will examine the top five New York Knicks draft selections ever, looking at their accomplishments and impact on the franchise.


●  Willis Reed (Drafted in 1964, 8th overall):

One of the finest draft selections in Knicks history as well as one of the most recognizable characters in the team's history is Willis Reed, who was chosen with the eighth overall pick in the 1964 NBA Draft. In the 1970s, Reed's toughness, leadership, and defensive prowess were crucial to the Knicks' success. He was an important part of the team's two NBA championship victories in 1970 and 1973 and was named NBA Finals MVP in both of those series. Reed's influence went beyond his individual achievements because his toughness and competitiveness set the tone for the Knicks' championship teams.


●  Patrick Ewing (Drafted in 1985, 1st overall):

The 1985 NBA Draft's top overall choice, Patrick Ewing, introduced the Knicks to a thrilling and prosperous period. The team was revitalized by the entrance of the powerful center, which resulted in regular participation in the postseason and a return to importance. Ewing was the face of the franchise for more than ten years thanks to his ability to score, his shot-blocking abilities, and his leadership qualities. He established his place among the best players in Knicks history by leading the team to the NBA Finals in 1994 and 1999.


●  Walt Frazier (Drafted in 1967, 5th overall):

Walt Frazier, who was chosen with the fifth overall choice in the 1967 NBA Draft, was essential to the Knicks' 1970s championship triumph. One of the finest point guards of his time, Frazier stood out for his excellent defense, fluid playing style, and capacity to step up in crucial situations. Frazier, a star known for his clutch play, won the NBA Finals MVP award and led the Knicks to their first-ever title in 1970. His influence on the team and his broadcasting efforts have cemented his place in Knicks history as a cherished character.


●  Charles Oakley (Drafted in 1985, 9th overall):

Charles Oakley was selected by the Knicks as the 9th overall choice in the 1985 NBA Draft, which was not a high draft position. Because of his strength, tenacity, and ability to rebound, Oakley became a fan favorite and an important part of the Knicks' success in the 1990s. He gained the respect of teammates, coaches, and fans alike for his selfless performance and commitment to the team's defensive identity. Oakley's hardworking attitude and contributions off the court elevate him to the list of the top choices in Knicks history.


● Bill Bradley (Drafted in 1965, 1st round, 5th pick):

The fifth overall choice in the 1965 NBA Draft, Bill Bradley, gave the Knicks variety and basketball IQ. Bradley, who was well-known for his superb shooting, astute playmaking, and tough defense, was a key contributor to the Knicks' success in the 1970s. He made a significant contribution to the team's 1970 championship season and was a crucial part of the Knicks' offensive plans. Bradley's contribution to the group's success.

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