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Top 5 Triple Doubles Leaders In The NBA Playoff History

Here take a quick look at the top 5 triple-double leaders in NBA playoff history. Over 400 different players have recorded a triple-double throughout NBA history.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 18.05.2022
Top 5 Triple Doubles Leaders In The NBA Playoff History

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs are some of the most anticipated annual events in major sports history. 

These pressure cooker situations give players ample opportunity to showcase their defense, passing, and shooting skills as soon as they step foot onto the court. 

But no move is as impressive as the triple-double.


Over 400 different players have recorded a triple-double throughout NBA history. It’s a coveted basketball skill and is more common now than ever before.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 triple-double leaders in NBA playoff history.

1. Magic Johnson: 30

Not only has Magic Johnson become a household name thanks to his $1 billion business and entertainment empire, but he is still regarded as the greatest point guard that the NBA has ever seen.

Even 25+ years after retiring from the NBA, he still comes out on top. Yes, his active career saw him break many records, and he is still the player with the highest ever number of recorded triple-doubles in NBA playoff history.

He is head and shoulders above many current players, with 30 triple-doubles achieved in 190 playoff games throughout his career.

Sure, Johnson may not have the highest overall number of triple-doubles in NBA history. But his incredible skills and dedication to the game make him a certifiable NBA legend, and a leader in the way of the triple-double. 

2. LeBron James: 28

At the tender age of 20, on January 19th, 2005, LeBron James had his first triple-double against The Trail Blazers. James has slowly but surely been creeping up the list of all-time triple-double leaders. 

LeBron James clinches the title as the reigning triple-double leader actively playing in the NBA today. With 28 triple-doubles, James also takes up the mantle of the player with the second-most number of triple-doubles in NBA playoffs history.

James’ runs to the finals have enabled him to rack up this impressive number as he has played in the finals 10 times in total, and is also a four-time NBA champion.

LeBron James is not far behind and still has the time and talent to overthrow Johnson’s record. 

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3. Russell Westbrook: 12

The legendary players in this list are all talented and well-deserving of their title as leaders of the triple-double. But not all of them match the ability of Russell Westbrook. 

Westbrook has made a lot of history in this category and has seen an incredible run of triple-doubles throughout the past few seasons. Whenever he steps foot onto an NBA court, fans can always anticipate a triple-double. 

As a result, he is currently ranked as the player with the most overall triple-double wins in NBA history.

Regarding the playoffs, however, Westbrook ranks third overall; having achieved 12 triple-doubles during the NBA playoffs. This is still an incredibly impressive statistic.

As he is still active in NBA, he is expected to increase his overall tally in the next few years. 

4. Jason Kidd: 11

Jason Kidd has had an illustrious career in the NBA. Aside from his skill and meticulous professional approach to the game, he was a fierce competitor devoted to playing perfectly in a team.

Kidd’s unique athleticism blessed him with a once-in-a-generation court vision that made him an extremely skilled player.

His first triple-double came in the first season of his career. He was also involved in a rare incident on Feb. 29, 1999, where four players each logged a triple-double in a single day. 

As of today, Jason Kidd ranks as the fourth-best triple-double leader of the NBA playoffs with a total of 11. Kidd also holds the record for the longest triple-double streak in the history of the NBA, achieving a triple-double for 17 consecutive years (1995 to 2011). 

5. Draymond Green: 10

Draymond Green is one of the greatest utility players and defensive anchors in the NBA. As one of the best screeners in the entire league, Green is almost surgical with his playing.

Green recorded his first-ever triple-double on January 2, 2015, against the Toronto Raptors. After his success in this game, a “Green triple-double” became synonymous with the Warrior's strategic approach to winning. 

Green has achieved many more triple-doubles (31 as of right now) throughout his career. However, Green is currently ranked as the fifth triple-double leader in NBA playoff history with a record of 10. 

Because Green is such a talented player, he continues to add significant value to the Golden State Warriors’ motion offense. He is also remarked as being one of the best and most versatile defenders in the NBA.


These five players are the top triple-double leaders in NBA Playoff history and for good reason. Not only have they proven themselves on the court but they’ve also set records that new players will need to work doubly hard to break.

Aside from Magic Johnson, the players on this list continue to dominate the NBA with their unique playing characteristics and strategies. Past or present, these players have all left their mark on the Association in one way or another.

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