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Why You Should Start Watching the NBA

This article is here to answer with a list of reasons as to why you should start watching the NBA, from money-making opportunities to finding a new hobby.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 23.07.2021
Why You Should Start Watching the NBA

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Sports fans all over the world have been debating over which of the league sports is the most popular, but there’s no denying that even up against the NHL and the NFL, the NBA is one of the most widely watched seasons for sporting events in the US and around the world. 

If you are not already an avid sports fan, you may find yourself asking: “what is all the fuss with the NBA anyway, and why should I bother to tune in to the different games?” 

Well, that’s what this article is here to answer with a list of reasons as to why you should start watching the NBA, from money-making opportunities to finding a new hobby. 


You Can Win Money Through Sports Betting

First and foremost, watching the NBA will allow you to place informed wagers on games and events that can result in you winning some serious cash. Without actually watching the NBA, it’ll be much harder to know which teams or players are worthy of putting your money on. 

There are plenty of websites where you can keep up to date with all of the latest odds that are available for any given bet for any game or sporting events. These will give you further information and an indication of which team is likely to win the game.

We Stan David Stern 

The UFC is great, but Dana White has a bit of a reputation and it is not always a positive one. The same cannot be said for David Stern, the sports executive of the NBA. 

Without Stern, we fail to see how the NBA would have reached the heights it has today. He has helped this league and under his supervision it has progressed beyond all imagination. 

In some ways, it could definitely be argued that he saved the NBA with the changes he made when he became the NBA’s sports executive, such as making sure that all of the finals in the NBA were available to be watched live at home from your television.

It’s Fun! 

Look, it can be hard to believe it if you are not already a sports fan, but the NBA can be an incredibly exciting sport to watch. Whether you go to see a real live match in the stadium with the crowds and atmosphere or you are watching at home, the NBA can be great fun. 

This is because you can go into a game with no idea of what the outcome will be. The NBA is where some of the best basketball games take place, so you’ll be well entertained. 

High-Profile Athletes

Just like the NBA is home to some of the best games in basketball, it is also where some of the best players get a chance to demonstrate their skills on the court. In fact, the NBA has produced some of the best athletes from all around the world. 

Even if you don’t already know basketball very well, you have probably already heard of the likes of LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who are just two of the highest ranking athletes in the world. Even the top athletes of other sports don’t compare… sorry David Beckham.

It Is Accessible to Anyone and Everyone

The NBA is a great sport to watch and absolutely anyone can join in with it. It is easy to watch on your TV live or you can stream it online - even if you don’t live in the US! 

That’s right, anyone who is anywhere in the world can get involved with the NBA, but you will need to make sure that gambling and/or betting is legal in whatever country or state you are in as in some places sports betting is illegal and can have serious consequences. 

It Can be a Good Chance to Socialize

Whether you are going to games in person with a group of friends or you are throwing yourself and your friends a live watching party for the finals, watching the NBA can be a great excuse to have everyone over for an evening of socializing. 

Grab some drinks, a few snacks, and your nearest and dearest, and invite them all over so you can enjoy the excitement and the twists and turns of the NBA finals. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a number of different reasons as to why you should start watching the NBA. No wonder so many people do! 

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