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A career in becoming a coach

There are coaching positions in every level of sports, from high school to professional sports.Each level brings different responsibilities

Last updated: 21.09.2018
A career in becoming a coach | Sports Social Blog

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There are coaching positions in every level of sports, from high school to professional sports. Each level brings different responsibilities and requires coaches to have various educational backgrounds and sports experience. High school coaches usually divide their time between teaching for the school district and coaching one or more teams. They must put in extra hours during the sports season including nights and weekends. At the college level and professional levels, there are coaches for each position who work under the head coach of the program. The role of the head coach is to recruit student players with the goal of building a successful team.  

Coaches in professional sports hold the most prestigious coaching positions. They often start as college coaches or athletes and work up the ladder to head coach. Head coaches need to be passionate about their sport as they organize, direct and motivate the team.

High School Coaches:

  • Education Requirements

Because high school coaches teach, they need to have a bachelor’s degree and teaching license. They may hold an Education degree or a degree in Exercise, Kinesiology, Physical Education, or the equivalent. Some districts require them to be certified or licensed to coach. High school coaches need to be CPR certified and pass a background check and drug test.

  • Experience

Most high school coaches have experience playing sports in high school or college. Regardless they need to be familiar with the rules and regulation of the sport they coach. During the preseason, high school coaches run drills and teach strategies. When the season begins, the high school has to attend every game, authorizing and implementing changes as needed.

College Sports Coaches

  • Educational Requirements

College coaches usually have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Athletic Coaching, Sports Science, Physical Education, or another sports-related area. Coursework includes classes in fitness, anatomy; psychology, and leadership theory, College coaches need CPR certification, first aid certification, and any state or institution-specific certification. Current position coaches, coordinators, and assistant head coaches can apply to the NCAA and NFL Coaches Academy for education and training on intercollegiate football training.

  • Experience

The path to becoming a college usually begins by coaching for a high school college. It’s hard to find jobs with successful programs because coaches tend to stay until they retire. College coaches have a strong influence on their play and spend a lot of time in the public eye, Therefore, the more experience they have with the sport, the better qualified they will be.

Professional Sports Coaches

  • Educational Requirements

Because coaching experience and a winning record are most important, coaches in professional sports come from varied educational backgrounds. The position requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in Athletic Coaching, Sports Science, Physical Education, or the equivalent. But many NFL coaches spent many years working as coaches in college athletics programs before becoming qualified.

  • Experience

Experience is essential at the professional level. Many professional coaches are former coaches and players. It’s the most unique coaching situation because of the pressure, demanding fans, intense media coverage, and significant turnover.

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