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Sports Industry emerging out to be the trending and promising career option for many

Often there is a misconception that a career in sports relates to simply being a sportsperson. Check out some career options in sports.

Last updated: 10.01.2018
Sports, certainly has emerged out as one trending and promising career option for many | Sports Social Blog

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Sports, in India has always been highly underrated. For ages it has been regarded as a thing of leisure and a definite mean of recreation. Nothing less and nothing more. This said, this was the scenario of what one must say- Ancient India. But with the advancements all around the globe, a developing nation like India could not stand for the chance of lagging behind, be it in any field. Sports, certainly has emerged out as one trending and promising career option for many. It has risen above the threshold level of a mere game and has now become a way of life. This spirit had led many to opt it as their means of living, however many still remain skeptical about 'Sports has a Career'!

Unemployment, nothing less than an epidemic, can easily hamper the economy of any nation, let alone of India. For a developing nation with an alarming rate of unemployment, it becomes even more necessary to 'dress the wounds before it becomes incurable'! Sports as a career option has come handy in this hour of need. Often there is a misconception that a career in sports relates to simply being a sportsperson. People, however, forget that to every fine thing there is always a complex machinery and working.

The back end and the front end of the sports industry as a career option for youth is as follows:


  • Sportsperson- The front end of the industry, sportsperson are the face of a particular game. He is the one who remains in the limelight, on the field and striving towards success with each drop of sweat and blood. An utmost level of dedication, sincerity, willingness to learn and improve and physical and mental fitness.

  • Coach- The role a teacher plays in framing a child, similar is the role of a coach in the life of a sportsperson. A shear knowledge of the game, remembrance and application of the rules, records and a never dying spirit of bringing forth the best player is all that is primarily required for a coach. A coach should also be sound in dealing with the strengths and weakness of the individuals and the team, thus paving a way for success.

  • Team Manager- To succeed is to manage well. Any team needs proper management of the travel plans, expenses, business plans etc. This is where the Team Manager comes handy and of utmost importance. There has hardly been a team or an individual succeeding in a haphazard situation.

  • Umpire/Referee- To play well is to play fair. Often, when it comes to winning, teams or the individuals go for an unfair play. To keep a check to the game, to see that the rules are followed and no player or team meets with injustice is what ppl primarily concerns a referee. He often delegates the flow of the game and gives important decisions. Therefore it is important that to be one, one should have a clear knowledge of the rules and regulations and above all should be unbiased.

  • Sports Journalist- One who brands well is the one who flourishes well. A sports journalist is one who covers all sports stories, not just of the game but also of the sportsperson. He brings these less known stories to the eye of the world. To be a good journalist, one should know the detailing of the games and should develop a niche for the sports.

  • Fitness Coach- A fit body, stamina along with techniques is what leads to success. A fitness Coach, thereby plays an important role. Measuring of the present stamina, devising a plan to build up the fitness is what primarily concerns a fitness coach.

One can always look up to various other ways as a career option in sports, these being just a few to state and give an insight to the youth. The prime motive of this glimpse is to alienate the taboo of sports as a recreation.

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