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Unemployment among youth in India: A ray of hope with Sports as a career option 

"Sports as a career" can be a better option in the current times among youth in India as the unemployment rate is going to rise with time.  We are going to discuss the sports industry as a destination for one’s career.

Last updated: 12.11.2017
Sports Industry as a career | Sports Social Blog

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The problem of unemployment among youth in India is on rising and we as a nation are facing a lot of problems in the current scenario. In this series of blogs “Sports as a career”, We are going to discuss the sports industry as a destination for one’s career. We will discuss the different government policies, jobs, and courses that one can pursue to lead a life in Sports Industry without becoming a professional player.

Let’s start with the current scenario going on in India about Unemployment: India as a nation is faced with the massive problem of unemployment. Unemployment can be defined as a state of worklessness for a man fit and willing to work.

India Unemployed Persons was last reported at 44.85 Million.

Source: Ministry of Labour and Employment, India.


Forecast: 43.5958 Million

India Unemployment Rate latest value is 3.46 percent.

Source: International Labour Organization (ILO).

Forecast: 3.5 percent.

“Unemployment in India is projected to increase from 17.7 million last year to 17.8 million in 2017 and 18 million next year.

According to recently released World Employment and Social Outlook for 2017, the number of unemployed people in India is expected to rise by 1 lakh in 2017 and 2 lakh in 2018.
Unemployment in India is projected to witness marginal increase between 2017 and 2018, signaling stagnation in job creation in the country, according to a UN labor report.

Creating new jobs is a crucial task and plays an important role in the economy.

In September 2015, the unemployment reached a mark that 25 lakh people applied for 368 posts of peon in Uttar Pradesh. Among the applicants, around 300 candidates with a Ph.D. degree and more than two lakh hold BTech, Mcom, and MSc degrees.

A ray of hope with sports as a career:

In today's blog we are introducing the Sports industry, In the upcoming blogs we will discuss the on average, one European in two engages in a “sport”, of whom one in five participates within federated associations, and almost all watch sports events live or on television. Widely organized on an associative basis, sport relies on the public authorities to differing degrees depending on the country and has acquired an increasingly commercial slant in recent years. Beyond its immediate confines, the sport has an impact on a series of activities that affect a large number of different sectors: construction of facilities; sports goods; clothing; food; health care services; information and communication.

The sport has been identified as a growth area offering job creation potential. The statistical data available in several European countries, in fact, show that since 1980, the number of jobs classified under sporting activities has tripled and that this trend seems to be continuing.

Three main reasons can be put forward:

• The development of sporting activities themselves affect different groups of the population (the elderly, youngsters getting back into society, persons with a disability, etc.) and meet a variety of needs (leisure, health, entertainment, education);

• The indirect effects of raising the standard of living of Europeans, who devote a growing proportion of their income to expenditure on leisure and health (especially leisure activities in the sports field);

• The change in the “supply of sport”, which is becoming increasingly professional (the commercial facet of sports activities is growing; associative sport draws an increasing number of professionals).

Now the question is, How this development can facilitate sports job creation, without weakening associative sport and its effects on strengthening social links. We will discuss these in upcoming blogs, and inform you about the different jobs in Sports Industry and sports career opportunities with a list .

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