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Players who scored most ducks in ODIs

Here is the list of the players who returned to the team room without scoring any runs in One-day internationals for the most time.

Last updated: 07.06.2020
Batsmen who scored most ducks in ODIs | Sports Social Blog

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Getting out without scoring any runs is one of the most devastating moments in a cricketing career. Almost all the cricket players across the globe have experienced this at some part of their career. 

Here is the list of the players who returned to the team room without scoring any runs in One day internationals for the most times.



1.ST Jayasuriya:

One of the greatest players in the history of cricket, ST Jayasuriya played for Sri Lanka throughout his career. He is also one of the top run-scorers in ODI history. In his colourful career, he scored a total of 13430 runs from 445 one day matches. Among these Jayasuriya got out for zero runs in 34 matches and this makes him the batsman who is out for a duck in ODI cricket for most times.


2. Shahid Afridi:

Afridi is one of the best cricket players who came from Pakistan. Very well known for his blasting batting performances and amazing spin bowling Afridi has played a total of 398 one day matches. He scored a total of 80y4 runs from this number of matches and was out for a duck in 30 matches.


3. Wasim Akram:

Former Pakistan pacer, Wasim Akram tops the list of the players who got out for a duck, the most times with the third position. Off the total 356 one day matches he played, Akram failed to score any runs in 28 matches.


4. DPMD Jayawardene:

One of the cricket legends from Srilanka, Jayawardene also tips the list of the most unfortunate batsmen in one day international. In his amazing career with a total of 16020 Lodi runs from 448 matches, he has a high score of 144 runs. Jayawardene was also duck for a total of 28 matches in his whole career.


5.   SL Malinga:


The yorker king from Sri Lanka, SL Malinga has so far played a total of 226 one day matches in his career. Of these 226 matches, he failed to score a single run and was duck for 26 matches.


6. M Muralitharan:

M Muralitharan is the best bowler in the history of cricket. As the highest wicket-taker in ODI and test, this player has a total of more than 1300 richest in his name. Also as a batsman, Muralitharan was out for zero in 25 matches.


7. C Vaas:

Another legendary cricketer from Sri Lanka, C Vaas has played a total of 322 one day matches in his career. He is very well known for his amazing bowling spells throughout his career. Vaas also stands in the seventh position of getting out for a duck in one day international. He was a duck in 25 ODI matches he played in his career.


8. Chris Gayle:


Chris Gayle, very well known as a universal boss among the fans, is famous for his destructive batting style. Chris has played 301 ODI matches in his very long career and has scored 10480 runs. Off the 301 ODI's he was out for a duck in 25 matches.

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