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Top 5 Fastest 200s in ODI History

Scoring an individual 200 in 50 overs is a special achievement in itself. Batters have reached 8 times at the milestone of 200 in ODI history. Here take a look at the fastest 200s in ODI history.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 04.05.2022
Fastest 200s in ODI History

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After talking at length about the highest scores in ODIs and celebrating all the double centurions in ODI History now is the time to see who got to that landmark the fastest and as we do , we will do a Top 5 of this list as well and the players who have got their the fastest are all exceptional players and I can say that I have watched all the 8 innings live and that is something I will take with me forever. These batters gave me so much joy and a good thing is neither of them scored against India so it was pleasing to watch as a fan

Scoring an individual 200 in 50 overs is a special achievement in itself but I like to look at the deeper things like who got their the fastest abs who took the most time and as I don’t like talking about the negatives much we will focus on the Top 5 Fastest batters to reach this incredible milestone. I am sure there will be more in this list when regular ODI cricket resumes in 2022 later half. So, let’s see the Top 5 Fastest 200s in ODI History.

Chris Gayle (138 Balls)


This is not in the least surprising at all because who else could have been to smash the fastest double hundred in ODI History. He is the Universe Boss and all of us are his people and we now down to his greatness and thank him for what the Boss has done for us. This innings was a monster and it blew Zimbabwe away and he hit 6 more sixes than fours and that tells the whole story. Chris Gayle does not like the ball on the ground but in the stands with his people and in this innings he was in attack mode from the start and in just 138 balls he hit the fastest double hundred in ODIs and it will take some beating for someone to beat this record.

Virender Sehwag (140 Balls)

The number 2 on this list is also not shocking at all as we are talking about probably one of the most destructive openers in the history of the game and someone who revolutionized opening in test cricket especially and white ball cricket as well nu going after the bowling from the first ball and looking at him the other openers followed suit. And he is only 2 balls behind Gayle which says a lot Considering how many sixes Chris Gayle likes to hit. India is lucky that Virender Sehwag played for them or else he would have caused havoc for them. He is an absolute box office hit.

Sachin Tendulkar (147 Balls)

This name so high on this list will surprise a lot of people because we don’t associate Sachin Tendulkar to hit one of the fastest double Hundreds of all time but since it was the first time this was being done so he was in a hurry in the later stages of this innings to get there and create one more record for himself along with numerous others which will never be topped. I consider myself one of the lucky ones that I got to see majority of his career live as a fan. Thank You Sachin Tendulkar for everything.

Fakhar Zaman (148 Balls)

The fourth person on this list is the charismatic left handed batter from Pakistan who hammered Zimbabwe to a pulp that day and all the Pakistan fans were absolutely jubilant that one of their own has also joined the prestigious 200 run club in ODIs and he did in the fourth fastest time out of the 8 and that is very special. I hope he gets more of such scores and all the fans can get to celebrate more often.

Rohit Sharma (151 Balls)

The fifth fastest 200 score in ODIs is the highest score by a batter in ODIs and this innings is one that I will never be able to forget for the rest of my lifetime because it was batting at its imperious best and he showed that what he can do if he bats till the last over of the innings and he hit 33 fours ,that is more than the total of fours trans hit in their innings. I have no doubt that Rohit Sharma will get 1-2 more of these scores and maybe he gets higher on this list.





Chris Gayle



Virender Sehwag



Sachin Tendulkar



Fakhar Zaman



Rohit Sharma



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