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Top 5 Indian batsmen with highest strike rate in T20I

Have a look at the top 5 Indian batsmen with the highest strike rate in T20Is. There have been many Indian batsmen who have excellent strike rates playing the T20 international format.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 12.01.2022
Indian batsmen with highest strike rate in T20I

The T20I game is all about the strike rate and the average doesn’t really matter that much in the shortest format of the game. The higher the strike rate of the batter the better the chances of Team India winning the game. In the past 10 years batters like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have shown that one can have a great strike rate while playing conventional cricketing shots and there’s no need to be ultra aggressive.

There have been many Indian batsmen who have excellent strike rates playing the T20 international format against different teams for a number of years . They have redefined the way to play the T20 game and become legends in the shortest format of the game. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Indian batsmen with the highest strike rate in T20Is.

1. Hardik Pandya (146.29 Strike Rate): 

Just like in the case of ODIs, Hardik Pandya is the batsman with the best strike rate in the T20I format as well. He is a very special player and in the 36 innings that he has played for India in the shortest format, he has done wonders with the bat with single handedly winning lots of matches for the country. He is one of the most feared Batsmen in the world and when he is in full flow then no one can come close to his six hitting ability. All the Indian fans would hope that he overcomes his fitness issues and again starts winning matches for India.

2. Virender Sehwag (145.38 Strike Rate): 

Virender Sehwag did not play much T20 international cricket but he was one of the most important members of the 2007 India’s T20 World Cup winning team with him and Gautam Gambhir providing amazing starts that helped the Indian team win lots of matches during the World Cup campaign. He only played for a few years then new openers came onto the scene and took Indian cricket to new heights and took forward his legacy.


3. KL Rahul (142.49 Strike Rate): 

KL Rahul is the best T20I batter in the world at the moment and the pillar of the Indian team at the top of the order with him scoring fifties and a hundred while playing the most gorgeous shots and scoring St such a rapid strike rate. He has batted for 56 innings for India and already scored more than 1400 runs and the best is yet to come as he has been made the vice captain of the team and the fans will hope that this new responsibility brings the best out of him.


4. Rohit Sharma (140.28 Strike Rate): 

One of the all time legends of the white ball game and T20I cricket is no different for the current T20I India capitan. He has batted for 111 innings and scored almost 3200 runs while smashing 4 centuries Along with it at a strike rate of over 140, this is absolutely staggering for anyone but Rohit Sharma is not anyone and now that he is the captain, the fans would hope for more of the same Rohit Sharma magic they are used to seeing.


5. Virat Kohli (137.90 Strike Rate): 

The all-time leading run getter in the T20I game and the best batsman of the last 10 years plus and to have an average of over 50 in the shortest format of the game truly shows how much greater Virat Kohli is than most batsmen who have played this game. In the 87 innings he has batted he has made 29 half centuries in this format and now that he doesn’t have the added responsibility of being captain, hopefully we see a full destructive side of Virat going forward


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