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The best innovative cricket shots ever played in the cricket history

In Cricket as the game evolved over time this forced the batsmen to think differently and execute innovative shots. See the best shots

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 09.01.2018
Innovative shots in the history of Cricket | Sports Social Blog

Cricket has evolved a lot in the past 10 years and it can be observed from the way the duration of the game has changed along with rules. This change has led to many innovative strategies but has also forced the batsmen to think differently and execute innovative shots which were unthinkable a while back. Sports Social brings you the best innovative cricket shots ever played.

13) The Leg Glance

Pakistan's Former captain Inzamam ul-Haq is famous for playing this shot.

The ‘leg glance’, sometimes also called the ‘hip glance’, is so called because it looks as if the ball is lightly glancing off the player’s leg or hip. It involves the player putting his body  behind the ball, and using the bat to deflect the ball towards the other side of the field. As the ball bounces towards the batsman, he leans into the shot and turns the bat-face about so that it angles the path of the ball across his body.

12) Late Cut

Late Cut is a classic shot which was first played by Mahela Jayawardene.

This shot is played to a ball pitched outside the off stump. It is called late cut because it is played very late. Instead of hitting the ball square as it passes the body, it is hit late. This shot can be very useful in limited overs cricket.

11) Hook shot

Ricky Ponting is very famous for his Hook Shot.

The hook is one of the most spectacular and also one of the most dangerous shots in cricket. It is a response to a short, high ball which involves the batsman striking the ball close to its apex, on a level somewhere between his head and his chest.

10) Periscope Shot

Periscope shot is invented by Bangladeshi opener Soumya Sarkar.

While executing this shot, Sarkar moved his body behind the crease, bent himself in the reverse pose, aligned his bat along the path of the ball and directed it towards his desired direction.

9)Inside out

Suresh Raina's inside out shot is a treat to watch.

If a bowler bowls a delivery close to leg stump and the batsman shifts towards the leg side to play it and hits the ball to the off side then the stroke is called as an “Inside out shot.”

8) Reverse scoop

A B Devilliers has invented the reverse scoop shot. He is the storehouse of inventions of cricketing shots.

The South African was setting himself to play the reverse sweep but Boult pulled the length back. De Villiers adjusted brilliantly and went through with the shot, which left fans and commentators amazed.

7) The Marillier Shot

The inventor of this shot is Zimbabwean batsman Dougie Marillier.

In this the bat is used as a ramp to flick a ball backwards over the batsman’s shoulder for a boundary. It is a rare, risky and unorthodox shot but when successfully used can be frustrating for the bowlers.

6)Upper Cut

Upper cut is invented by the God(Sachin Tendulkar) himself.

It is usually hit towards third man region on deliveries with extra bounce usually pitched outside the off stump.

5)Paddle Sweep

Sachin Tendulkar often play paddle sweep against spinners.

A sweep is a cross-batted shot played to a low bouncing and turning ball whereas a paddle sweep shot is a sweep shot in which the ball is deflected towards fine leg with a stationary or near-stationary bat extended horizontally towards the bowler.

4)Reverse Sweep

The shot was invented by former Pakistani batsman Haneef Mohammad.

A reverse sweep is a cross-batted sweep shot played in the opposite direction to the standard sweep depending whether the batsman is right or left handed, thus instead of sweeping the ball to the leg side, it is swept to the off side, towards backward point or third man. To make it easy to execute, the batsmen may sometimes swap their hands on the bat handle.

3)Switch Hit

This shot was invented by Kevin Peterson.

To play this shot effectively batsman has to change from a right-hander to a left-hander just before the ball is delivered by the bowler. The stance is changed from a right-handed to a left-handed batsman or vice-versa during the bowler’s run-up and the ball is hit over the cover region.

2)Dil Scoop

Dilscoop was invented by Sri Lankan batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan.

The stroke is played by going on one knee to a good length or slightly short of length delivery off a fast or medium paced bowler and ‘scooping’ the ball over the head of the wicket keeper. The ball is destined to travel straight towards the boundary behind the wicket keeper.

1) The Helicopter Shot

Muhammad Azharuddin  has invented The Helicopter Shot. But Mahendra Singh Dhoni is famous for playing this shot. This shot made even yorker playable.

The helicopter shot in cricket is the act of flicking the bat toward the leg side when facing a yorker or a fuller-length delivery, and finishing the stroke with a flourish by twisting the bat in an overhead circle. This shot, which requires excellent timing and wrist work, is considered a newer innovation in cricket, and is seen as an unconventional form of batsmanship.

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