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Top 5 Most Expensive Overs in ODIs

In this article, check out the top 5 most expensive overs in ODI cricket history. Two batters in this list have gone the full Monty as they smashed 36 runs in one over which means six sixes in six balls.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.04.2022
Most Expensive Overs in ODIs

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This is a stat that not a lot of other writers would be focused on as it is something that rarely gets noticed but don’t worry we are here for our readers with the list of bowlers who have conceded the most runs IN. One over in ODI cricket history. This list features a list of the best batters who have been good enough to take so many runs from a bowler in ODI cricket as it is not easy to hit so many runs in one over.

Two batters in this list have gone the full Monty as they smashed 36 runs in one over which means six sixes in six balls and we feel for the bowlers who have to go through such an over and if it is not their last over of the spell then they mucinex and bowl another over. So, let’s see which are the overs with the most runs in ODIs and who are the batter and bowler in those overs.

36 Runs (South Africa vs Netherlands 2007)


This was the most expensive over in ODI History until recently it was tied last year. This over is one of the most memorable overs in ODIs because it came in the 2007 World Cup in the match between South Africa vs Netherlands she the batter was Herschelle Gibbs who smacked 6 huge sixes from the bowling of DLS Van Burge and he was a spinner as well so it was relatively easier than a fast bowler. This made Herschelle Gibbs one of the stars in world cricket.

36 Runs (United States of America vs Papua New Guinea 2021)

This came last year in an ODI featuring USA and PNG and it was the Indian born Jaskiran Singh Malhotra who dished out this punishment on G Toka of PNG and it was a sight to behold and all the Indians and Americans loved it and it made Jaskiran an instant star in cricket and it was nice to see USA coming on the world stage in cricket as well.

35 Runs (Sri Lanka vs South Africa 2013)

This is the third most expensive over in ODI History and it came at the hands of Thisara Perrera and this explosive batter from Sri Lanka was In a mood that day and the unlucky bowler to get smashed like this was Robin Pieterson and he also bowled 7 balls in the over as there was a wide ball in the over as well but other balls were 6W66646 so only one four in the carnage of sixes and it was entertaining to watch unless you are the bowler.

34 Runs (South Africa vs West Indies 2015)

This was one of the most stunning overs of ODI cricket to watch as it was the great AB De Villiers in his prime just absolutely destroying a top quality medium pace bowler in Jason Holder. This was batting at its imperious best and it was an important match in the 2015 World Cup and this was a long over as well as Jason Holder was overstepping a lot in this over. The full over looked like this: 4nb62nb44426. It might also be one of the longest overs in ODIs ever as well.

34 Runs (New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 2019)

The fifth and final over in this list is also a 34 run over and this time the batter was James Neesham from New Zealand and he totally decimated Thisara Perrera who is in this list twice, once as the batter and this time as the bowler and this must not have been a pleasant experience for him. The over was 6666nb261 so a lot of sixes were hit.

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