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Indian gaming teams which are shaping the future of Indian Esports

Indian Esports community is growing and with proper support and investments, gamers here can also compete very well globally.

Last updated: 02.01.2019
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Video games which were termed as time pass activity are now a thing. Professional gamers are now called athletes and gaming is termed Esports. Gaming is globally well recognized and has grown a lot in the last few years. Companies are spending the large chunk of money in advertisements sponsoring and also the prize money in major Esports league has increased. The US now recognizes professional gamers as athletes and China has opened a 3.94 million square feet town complex dedicated to esports and as reported in Chinese run websites the gaming complex is attracting around 10,000 aspiring esports players and generating 140 million dollars in tax revenues. In Indian gaming industry is still young and it's growing and many companies showing interests such as Nazara technologies, JetSynthesys etc. One of the largest graphics card manufacturer Nvidia to has opened its gaming centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Indian players too are performing well in global events and there are few who are leading the Indian gaming community.

  1. Team Wolf

Kolkata based Cs:GO team led by Simar Sethi known as “psy”. One of the best teams for CS:GO in India. They won the ESL India qualifiers and were the only team to be invited ESL One 2014 held at Cologne,Germany. They faced NiP a swedish team in their first game in group stage and won. Though they weren’t able to make it through group stage but their performance was remarkable.

2. Team Brutality

Mumbai based CS:GO team led by Ankit panth also known as Ankit V3nom Panth, “V3nom” being his gaming name. 26 years old, He is the face of the team and also most loved player in India. Backed by Corsair, Intel and Dell Gaming, Brutality has awesome record in gaming events. Team Brutality was winners of SoStronk GetStronk #1 tournament 2016, SoStronk GetStronk #2 tournament 2016, ESL cup 2014 Season 4 and the list continues. Ankit is also inspiration to many who aspire to be a

Professional in CS:GO.

3.     OpTic India Gaming

Part of OpTic Gaming Division this team was also one of the loved teams in India. Based in Kolkata this team has good performance in many events globally and locally until one of its player “ forsaken” was caught cheating in eXTREMESLAND 2018 and whole squad was released from the event and forsaken facing a lifetime ban. This spread anger in the Indian gaming community as it spoiled the image of growing Indian community.

4.     The Terrifying Nightmares

PUBG mobile, A game known to all with 100 million plus download held its Star Challenge finals in Dubai and The Terrifying Nightmares with squad members Sakriya Puri, Anand Puri, Mehul Dey and Amit Sharma was one of the team which was among 20 teams globally which qualified for the star challenge.

These are few but the list continues. Indian Esports community is growing and with proper support and investments gamers here can also compete very well globally. Ensuring Fair Play is a challenge for the gaming fraternity.

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