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Uncharted the lost legacy – The Best game of the Uncharted Series

It has been almost 4 years since the release of Uncharted the lost legacy but still by every debate and discussion this last release of the series has changed the perception of everyone towards such adventure games.

Last updated: 10.04.2021
Uncharted the lost legacy

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I have not played all games of this series except Uncharted lost legacy and a thief end which features the Nathan Drake ultimate adventure skills throughout the top-notch gameplay. It has been almost 4 years, since the release of Uncharted the lost legacy but still by every debate and discussion this last release of the series has changed the perception of everyone towards such adventure games. I was not a serious fan of such gameplays like other experts of this gaming arena but after playing “uncharted the lost legacy” everything was changed. Although I have played a thief end series earlier I have left it all as it looks good to some period of age when uncertainties are not there in life.


But this time the developers transformed the level of everything to unparalleled heights. From graphics to storylines to gameplay it looked very much real if you would play this even for the once this I am assuring you. While there are 11 chapters in Uncharted the lost legacy makes it even more interesting to play till last. This is the first time when the main character like Nathan Drake is not featured in the series play still, the game is very successful after the years of release. From insurgency to infiltration to homecoming to the western Ghats to the great battle to the gate keeper to the lost legacy to partners this series has rocket launch the gaming arena to surreal levels.



This time Chloe Frazer along with Nadine Ross and Nathan Drake brother Samuel Drake bring the amazing action and interesting puzzles throughout the gameplay. The starting of the game very much clear the idea of the game where Chloe is having the conversation with little girl in the Indian street market about the Hindu God Ganesh which Chloe is having with her. While the moment Chloe leaves the little girl the story of the game begins with some ultimate set up and graphics you have never seen before. The first three chapters of the series are not that difficult to clear it while in between all you will find the Chloe and Nadine Ross paired up together to fight up against enemy's comes there way to take that statue of Hindu God Ganesh but unsuccessful in that.


The most thrilling part of the series starts with the Western Ghats chapter I think it test the paitence of user and skills to clear the puzzles of some of the most epic story lines in this part. The scene looks more realistic and you will find various weapons in the gameplays which is not seen in the previous series of this game. It’s very tough to clear the Western Ghats level as it revolve around complete uncertainties you have to find clue and still to it but you will get puzzled completely once get in the middle of this part. The most difficult of all eleven parts is the Western Ghats part. Apart from this gate keeper and partners chapter are also very tough to clear it due the suspense and background music which is by far the best in this game so far. Some of the surreal temples of India which is not heard before ever is all possible after this masterpiece of uncharted series. The places which is shown in this game are real not the hypothetical.

Video: Uncharted the Lost Legacy Gameplay

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