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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 11: Top 5 Picks

The Premier League returns with an intensity after the UCL week.For our Fantasy Premier League players, Here are our FPL GW 11 tips and picks that will help to identify the best picks for gameweek 11 of premier league.

Last updated: 04.12.2020
Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 11 | Sports Social Blog

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The Premier League returns with an intensity after the UCL week. People need to be a bit creative with their picks, given that managers can be a bit unpredictable either to take advantage of the teams suffering from UCL fatigue or to survive that fatigue itself. Currently Tottenham is at the top of the table with only a GD of 12 giving them the advantage over Klopp’s Liverpool. The once rising Leicester City has dropped all the way down to 8 while Man City will look to thwart their abysmal start with another win. 

Given all these factors, let’s take a look at some of the Best Picks For GW 11.

#1. James Ward Prowse (MID; Southampton vs Brighton)


Despite coming off a loss at the hands of the Red Devils, James Ward Prowse managed a hefty 11 points. Brighton is arguably an easier team to beat. If he can score and assist with Danny Ings at the charge, he could rack up quite a few points this very week as well. He has scored a staggering 33 points in the last 4 games so his capability is definitely up there. He goes for only 6.1 as well.

#2. James Rodriguez (MID; Everton vs Burnley)

Despite the decline as a club, it’s hard to dispute the points potential for James Rodriguez. Even with a string of low scoring games, given how he plays, it’s still wise to take Rodriguez. He could easily get an assist or a goal against Burnley. Going for 7.8, this risk just might be worth it for someone who is brave enough.

#3. Kurt Zouma (DEF; Chelsea vs Leeds)

The blues have been on a bit of a roll lately, and Kurt Zouma is one of the reasons why. He is currently leading in terms of points for Frank Lampard’s squad. He has also maintained two consecutive clean sheets, one against the top team in the league. Zouma has even had 3 goal contributions. Given that he goes for 5.5, Zouma seems like too much of a bargain at this point.

#4. Ben Chilwell(DEF; Chelsea vs Leeds)

Ben Chilwell is one of the highest scoring defenders in terms of points. He has had 4 contributions on goal with 23 points in the last three games. There is a lot that goes in favour for this player from Leicester City. He is up against Leeds who, while capable of an upset is generally expected to lose. Even if he doesn’t end up with a CS, there’s a good chance of him scoring major points from offensive contributions. He goes for 6.2

#5. Jamie Vardy( FWD; Leicester Vs Sheffield United)

Yes, the only pick on this list that is expensive is James Vardy, going for 10.3. That being said, there is good reason to pick him up at this point. He is one of the highest scoring players in the league both in terms of points and actually goals with 8 goals and even 3 assists. There is just no stopping him yet again. His eye for goal is incredible. Couple that with the fact that Sheffield United is going through a rather rough patch and it’s hard not to pick him up currently.

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