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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 20: Top 5 Picks

Fantasy Premier League gameweek 20 deadline is closing in. Here is a list of some of the best picks for FPL GW 20 of the Premier League.

Last updated: 25.01.2021
Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 20 | Sports Social Blog

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It seems to be an exciting few weeks as we as viewers, end up on the receiving end of a non-stop barrage of football games. There’s a lot of things at play here. Manchester City could potentially end up at the top of the leaderboard after what seems like an unexpected eternity. There’s also the high probability that Manchester United will retain that spot. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best picks for FPL GW 20:

#1. Bruno Fernandes(MID;Manchester United vs Sheffield United)


While there’s no question that the Portuguese midfielder for the Red Devils is quite expensive, he seems to be justifying that tag time and time again. This time he has the added advantage of being matched up against Sheffield United, the weakest team in the Premier League. The man with 20 goal contributions is highly likely to add to that gargantuan tally yet again. 

#2. Jamie Vardy (FWD;Leicester City vs Everton) 

Vardy is also a member of the fellow 100-pointer club, with 19 goal contributions so far. While Everton is not an easy team to beat, Vardy is known to come out on top quite often. He could do the same yet again, Combine that with the fact that he will get no penalty for conceding and he could prove to be a bountiful choice.

#3. Che Adams(FWD; Southampton vs Arsenal)

While he seems to be out of his initial hot streak it is hard to go against Southampton at this point. His team is at 10th but he could easily prevail against Arsenal who are highly volatile as a club right now. Adams is also going for only 6.0 so it’s far from an expensive buy.

#4. Dominic Calvert-Lewin (FWD; Everton vs Leicester City)

This is where you might make a lot of points. He will not take any negative points at least from conceding. He is one of the highest scoring players in the FPL and could easily continue in that vein against Leicester City. If you happen to have both him and Vardy, and if it’s a scoring game it’s highly likely you could come out with a staggering amount of points. 

#5. Riyad Mahrez(MID; Manchester City vs West Brom)

One of the best players in the world is up against one of the most struggling teams in the Premier League. He did not get a lot of time in the Previous game so it’s likely he will get a lot of playtime in this game. Given his capability in the attack, Mahrez could rack up plenty of goals. Simply put, there’s no reason not to go for the 8.1 midfielder. 

Stay tuned to CYS’s fantasy football section to check out the regular updates.

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