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Fantasy Premier League GW 34+: 5 Best Picks

Gameweek 34+ is on. For our Fantasy Premier League players, Here are our predictions and tips on the 5 best FPL pick for GW 34+ of the Premier League. 

Last updated: 07.07.2020
Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 34 Best Picks | Sports Social Blog

We just wrapped up Gameweek 33 and there’s been no shortage of entertainment. Manchester United managed a 5-2 victory. Manchester City to the surprise of many lost their game 1-0. Arsenal emerged victorious against Wolves. Jamie Vardy netted a brace after what feels like a long time. This just added a layer of unpredictability to the FPL for one more. 


With all that and taking the coming GW into consideration, here’s a look at the Fantasy Premier League top picks:


#1.Trent Alexander Arnold(DEF; Liverpool vs Brighton)

He’s the highest-scoring Defenders in terms of points. He ranked no.2 in the league in terms of assists. Considering the fact that Liverpool has lost very few games and that Alexander Arnold will probably get the Clean Sheet points, the 7.8 price tag is still attractive. 

#2. Jimenez (FWD; Wolves vs Sheffield United)


Jimenez is among the highest scorers in the league, with 168 to his name. He goes for 8.3 which considering that he’s a high scoring forward is certainly competitive. Wolves are in the top 6 race and have had a strong season so far. Sheffield dropped all the way to no. 9 and with their critical player Lundstram injured out, things don’t look so good. A win for Wolves is likely and chances are that Jimenez will be involved in the scoring.


#3. Cesar Azpilicueta (DEF; Chelsea vs Crystal Palace)

Azpilicueta is coming very strong off a 12 point game. If there’s a win on the horizon, Azpilicueta might score big, given how well he’s done in the wins since the Premier League returned. There’s also the fact that Crystal Palace is the lowest-scoring team in the league. He’s going for 6.0 and given how he generally leads the defence, you could see him getting a clean sheet and a bonus and perhaps even some more points if the game is favourable.


#4. Mason Greenwood (FWD; Manchester United vs Aston Villa)


Greenwood has scored a staggering 25 points across just the last 2 games. This is in large part due to the brilliant form on display from midfielder Bruno Fernandes. Manchester United, ever since the arrival of Fernandes has secured the most points in the PL. But Mason Greenwood’s huge advantage is that he’s only going for 4.6. Given that he’s in incredible form and that Aston Villa is hovering around the bottom, this forward is definitely someone to consider.

#5. Richarlison (MID;Everton vs Southampton)

Slowly but surely, Richarlison crept his way to being one of the highest-scoring midfielders (in terms of FPL points). He has managed to have 11 points in the last 3 games but there’s a good chance he might score big in the upcoming game. One of his highest-scoring games came against the earlier Southampton game of the season. On top of that, given their position on the table, Southampton has conceded significantly more than other similar teams. He’s going for 8.2 and given all these factors, he seems to be a good choice.

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