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FPL Gameweek 33: Captaincy choices and Differential Picks

Gameweek 33 will be a key gameweek as this gameweek sees many sides playing twice. Check out here the FPL GW 33 captaincy choices and differential picks.

Last updated: 16.04.2022
FPL Gameweek 33: Captaincy choices and Differential Picks

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With the season coming to an end, there are only a few gameweeks left. A very short time for those FPL managers looking to jump their rankings. For this reason, Gameweek 33 will be a key gameweek as this gameweek sees many sides playing twice. Having a decent number of doubles will be exciting when it comes to FPL.

Here are the captaincy choices for Gameweek 33:

1) Son Heung-Min – Brighton (H)


Although Spurs are not one of the sides which double in Gameweek 33, it is too difficult right now to ignore their assets. Son has been in tremendous form over the past few gameweeks and could well be continuing his form against Brighton.

With a mega haul of 48 points in his last 3 gameweeks, there is no explanation on why Son is one of the popular captain choices. Brighton is not the best of sides in the Premier League right now and Son could capitalize on that.

2) James Maddison – Newcastle (A), Everton (A)

The Leicester midfielder has been in fine form both in the Premier League and the Conference League where Leicester have reached the semi-finals. In Premier League, Maddison has scored or assisted in his last 3 gameweeks which makes him a popular captaincy choice this week, also because he plays twice.

The Foxes will face Newcastle and Everton in Gameweek 33 which could lead to a favorable return from those owning Maddison. Although there is a chance that Maddison might be rested in one of the games, there is quite the possibility that he still hauls in one of those.

3) Fabian Schar – Leicester (H), Crystal Palace (H)

This is a differential captaincy option if one has to go all-out in order to gain some ranks. Newcastle have been one of the impressive sides after the turn of the year. Schar has returned 11 points in his last 2 games and could well be on course to repeat that when Newcastle doubles this week.

The fixtures against a tired Leicester side and Crystal Palace, make up for a decent double which could attract a lot of points. Also, the fact that Schar is on free kicks for Newcastle, gives an added advantage.

Differential picks for Gameweek 33 :


1) Chris Wood (4.2% ownership) – Leicester (H), Crystal Palace (H)

The lanky Newcastle forward is fresh from a 9-pointer against Wolves. With a decent double gameweek looking for an in-form Newcastle side, Wood would be a good punt to bet on.

The Newcastle forward could be the one to choose for this gameweek especially considering the lack of decent forwards in FPL this season. With 4.2% ownership, Wood could well be the difference this week between a red and green arrow.

2) James Ward-Prowse (6.8% ownership) – Arsenal (H), Burnley (A)

Southampton’s main man in the midfield, James Ward-Prowse could be a great differential for this week, considering their fixtures. Although Southampton have not won in their last 5 games, gameweek 33 could be where they turn their form around.

Facing a shaky Arsenal defence and a Burnley side with Dyche sacked, Southampton could capitalize on that. Ward-Prowse possesses a great ability from dead-ball situations, and it could be the difference for Gameweek 33.

3) Joel Matip (5.2% ownership) – Manchester United (H)

This could be an unpopular choice considering that Liverpool do not double and that their only fixture is against their arch-rivals Manchester United. However, with the title at stake every match is important for Liverpool, and it is seen in the way the play.

Matip at 5.2% ownership, could be a good punt considering his occasional attacking returns too. With 27 points in his last 4 gameweeks, Matip could be a good option to consider.

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