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FPL Gameweek 33: Players to watch out for

With the Saturday deadline looming closer, it is time to make your transfers for FPL Gameweek 33. Check out here the FPL gw 33 top picks.

Last updated: 16.04.2022
FPL Gameweek 33 top picks

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With the Saturday deadline looming closer, it is time to make your transfers for FPL Gameweek 33. With this gameweek seeing a lot of teams play twice, it is important to have a balance and not just load on DGW assets. The likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Spurs play only once but they have favorable fixtures so their assets should not be ignored.

Here are the top picks for Gameweek 33:

1) Harry Kane (£12.6m) vs Brighton (H)


The English forward has become one of the top picks in FPL recently owing to his form and Spurs’ resurgence. Kane has not blanked in his last 7 games returning a huge 65 points. While there are lack of decent forward options elsewhere, Kane has become a must-buy.

Even though Spurs only play once, the game against Brighton is good enough for yet another Kane haul. With the form that he is in, he could also be a good captaincy shout for this gameweek.

2) Bruno Fernandes (£11.6m) vs Norwich (H), Liverpool (A)

Although this might seem like a pick not worth it, especially at the high price but Bruno could be the difference on your template team. United face Norwich and Liverpool over the next few days but Liverpool is not an easy fixture. However, the Norwich fixture makes the case interesting.

Even in the lack of goals currently for United, Bruno has been still their best attacking player and could be well on course to get a haul against Norwich as United try to fight for top 4.

3) Harvey Barnes (£6.5m) vs Newcastle (H), Everton (H)

Leicester have shown good attacking signs in their last few games and Barnes has been a key player in it. Although he was involved in a goal and an assist only twice in last 5 games, he has been their best player on the pitch.

The matches against Newcastle and Everton make up for a decent double gameweek. With all the popularity towards Maddison, Barnes could well be the difference this gameweek.

4) Joao Cancelo (£7.1m) vs Brighton (H)

Although Manchester City only play once in this gameweek, City assets should be never out of discussion. With the title at stake, Manchester City will be going all out in every single game and Cancelo will play a big role in it.

The Portuguese has been one of Pep’s best creative outlets from the back, which makes him a good option to own. With the injury to Walker and Cancelo being suspended for the first-leg against Real Madrid, there is no rotation risk.

5) Ivan Toney (£6.9m) vs Watford (A) 

The Brentford forward has gone under the radar for quite a while now, but it is time to bring him back in your FPL teams. Toney has had a haul of 12,5,2,12,17 points respectively in his last 5 games which is impressive considering the poor output from other forward options in FPL.

Although Toney only plays once, the game against Watford is a good match to bank on for goals.


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