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Top 5 Fantasy Picks: Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 26

GW 26 is around the corner. For our Fantasy Premier League players, Here are our predictions and tips on the top 5 FPL picks for Gameweek 26 of the Premier League.

Last updated: 27.02.2021
Top 5 Fantasy Picks Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 26 | Sports Social Blog

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We are slowly but surely entering the last third of the Premier League. A lot of excitement and unpredictability is expected given how the season has gone so far. Manchester City seems to have found its footing at the top position while Liverpool is seeing an unprecedented rough patch with only one game won in the last five. With all this turmoil ensuing one needs to be careful with their careful picks and that’s exactly what this list is about. Here’s some great picks for the weekend:

#1. Joao Cancelo( DEF; Manchester City)

He’s been racking up major points ever since Man City gained momentum. He has managed 13 points in the last 3 games and with West Ham up next, you can bet on him to score even more. He goes for 6.1 and has accrued 107 points so far. 


#2. Ruben Dias (DEF; Manchester CIty)

Given the form of City you’d might as well make it a double and buy Dias. Has managed the exact same 107 points with the same price tag. His team has been very consistent and are favourites to win the league. 

#3. Patrick Bamford ( FWD; Leeds)

At this point it’s pretty safe to bet on Bamford. He still goes for a measly 6.9 and is one of the top scorers in terms of points. He can score anytime and is the main striker for Leeds. While AVL is a tough team, he’s very cheap and has a high chance to score so a nice choice. 

#4. Matt Targett (DEF; Aston Villa)

And just in case Bamford does not find the back of the net the 99 pointer is a good choice to have. Given that AVL has been performing well this season, he could easily rack up some decent points in the coming match. Sure, their last five matches left a lot to be desired but looking at the season as a whole, he could be a good consistent point winner. 

#5. Mohamed Salah ( MID; Liverpool)

Yes, he is the most expensive player in the league and double yes to the fact that Liverpool has seen a dramatic dip in form. That being said, he has earned that expensive reputation with a fair amount of amazing performances. He is one of the top points-scorers in the league and he has a match against Sheffield United which is currently at the very bottom of the table. A barrage of goals from Salah would not be a pipe dream for any Liverpool fan this weekend and with that you could rack up a sizable amount of points.

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