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5 sports based fitness activities

Are you looking out for an activity which will make you play the sport and also keep you fit? In this blog, I shall list down 5 activities which will make you learn the sport and will also keep you fit while you play the sport!

Ishwar Parmar
Last updated: 05.02.2020
Sports based fitness activities | Sports Social Blog

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Are you looking out for an activity which will make you play the sport and also keep you fit?

Then I would love to say that you have landed to the correct place. In this blog, I shall list down 5 activities which will make you learn the sport and will also keep you fit while you play the sport!

I know nobody likes to read humongous blogs, so that’s why I am only concentrating on 5 sports based fitness activities rather than 10 or 15! I will save your precious time as well as my time!


Let’s sport it!

1. Do you want to throw few punches?

This is on my fitness list, I wish to learn boxing but my laziness kicks in. You must be thinking that you’ll have to invest in some gears and a coach! Let me tell you something, you could invest in gears but if you want to do without gears, you can do so! And about the coach, I mean it’ll will cost you but if you want one for free, try fitness coaches on YouTube who post many boxing workouts, breaking down each step and telling you how to breathe while learning boxing!

In boxing, one can burn 350-500 calories in an hour! Wow, that’s nice, but trust me, initially keeping up for 2-3 minutes is difficult. To learn this sport, you need to have a lot of patience and practice a lot!

Boxing improves your breathing since you need to keep supplying oxygen to your body as your heart rate increases. It targets your core, with all those twists and turns, you will develop your core and all those jumps you will be doing, it will target your legs. And all those punches which you’ll be throwing, those punches will nicely form your arms.

2. Fitness on wheels!

Yes! Biking or Cycling as you would like to call it is a sport and gives tremendous health benefits! For this all you need is a cycle, if you don’t have one, then try borrowing one from your known people.

Well! If you want to define your lower body and want it gentle on your upper body, then I would love to recommend this! Cycling burns 400-1000 calories in an hour. You can cycle fast or slow, still you are burning calories. This sport fitness activity is a great way if you want your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves to be muscular or toned.

This activity can be performed at any time of the hour, so even if you can make time for 1 hour, that’s well and good! Be sure to wear comfortable clothes while cycling and maintain lanes when cycling on the road.

3. Time to go in the water

Yes, swimming, and when I read or say this word, I remember Michael Phelps, I mean he has taken over this sport magnificently. No I am not going to state how to swim like Michael Phelps!

I have heard so much about this magnificent sport. It is enduring, it relaxes you, calms you down, it helps in increasing your heart rate thereby keeping it fit, it keeps you toned, healthy, fit, increases your lung capacity if you try swimming underwater and otherwise too!

Swimming targets your overall body, so if you want to work out on all parts of your body, then swimming can be an option which you can look upon. It can also be done at high-intensity or even at low-intensity. Swimming can burn up to 200-800 calories per hour. Would advise the beginners to take lessons from a trained coach rather than trying to self-learn it.


4. Dribble it!

Basketball, a sport usually played with more team members but if thought of a fitness activity can also be played alone! It’s a high-intensity game which makes you break more sweat and inhale and exhale faster. This sport increases your heart rate, increases your lung capacity as you need to catch a breath while playing this high-intensity sport. It also improves your concentration and observational skills. In order to get this game right, you need to practice this game a lot and this in turn helps boost your overall physical fitness and mental stability.

Give this sport a try and if you are wondering how many calories a person will burn in this game, then is it 630-750 calories per hour. It is always advised to warm up before playing any game or doing any physical fitness workout. 


5. Run till you sweat

Running has a different term in professional sports events, mainly know ‘Sprinting’, marathons are based on this activity too! Running can be high-intensity or low-intensity too. This activity has innumerable benefits to your body, I would list the main.

It helps in increasing your lung capacity since you need a lot of oxygen in your body to keep you moving. Since your legs do all the running, it increases and improves your bone density since they support you while running! It also helps in removing out toxins in your body in ways of sweat and exhaling carbon-dioxide and re-energising your body with more intake of water and inhalation of fresh oxygen.

Running helps in burning 100 calories for 1km.


These are not the only sports based fitness activities, there are many others too! Do let us know which ones you follow and which sports can be turned as fitness activities.

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