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Bundesliga Fixture List for 2022-23 season

The 2022/23 Bundesliga season promises to be an action-packed one with clubs set to battle out their supremacy again. Check out here the full fixture list for the 2022/23 season.

Last updated: 14.07.2022
Bundesliga Fixture List for 2022-23 season

The 2022/23 Bundesliga season promises to be an action-packed one with clubs set to battle out their supremacy again. The undisputed dominance of Bayern Munich went on with the Bavarians winning their 31st Bundesliga title and becoming the first team ever to win a league title in ten consecutive seasons in Europe’s top five leagues. It is left to see whether Bayern’s hunger for Meisterschale persists or a new champion emerges to break their unmatchable streak.


The new season for the league in Germany will be a special one. Due to the World Cup in Qatar rearranged for the winter season, league action will come to an unprecedented halt after the round of games on 13th November 2022. The World Cup will run from 21st November to 18th December 2022 followed by the winter break. The league doesn’t return until the 21st of January 2023.


The opening round of the new season starts with a bang in Bundesliga as Europa League winners Eintract Frankfurt locks horn with champions Bayern Munich. To make matter spicy, Borussia Dortmund begin their campaign in a home game against an exciting Bayer Leverkusen side. The latest meetings between these two teams have produced euphoria of goals. Domenico Tedesco’s RB Leipzig will hope to build on their brilliant form at the end of last season against a Stuggart team escaping relegation in a dramatic fashion the last term. FC Schalke and Werder Bremen are back in the big league and they roll the Bundesliga ball again against Koln and Wolfsburg on the opening week respectively.


The first Revierderby after a season gap will be played on 17th September as Dortmund welcomes Schalke at the Signal Iduna Park. The Blue and Yellows also have a tough matchup with Leipzig to battle against a week prior to the derby. Bayern Munich also have a challenging start to October with Leverkusen taking a trip to Allianz Arena before the season’s first Der Klassiker hits the schedule on the 8thof October. Dortmund will also have a Borussia derby clash with Gladbach in the last league week of the year. The 2022/23 Bundesliga season ends on 27th May 2023.    


The schedule is open to changes for certain clubs because of their participation in DFB Pokal Cup and European competitions. Here is the full fixture list for the 2022/23 Bundesliga season:


Saturday 6th August 2022


Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich

Union Berlin vs Hertha

Bochum vs Mainz

Augsburg vs Freiburg

M'gladbach vs Hoffenheim

Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen

Dortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen

Sunday 7th August 2022


Stuttgart vs RB Leipzig

Koln vs Schalke

Saturday 13th August 2022


Freiburg vs Dortmund

Leverkusen vs Augsburg

Hertha vs Frankfurt

Hoffenheim vs Bochum

RB Leipzig vs Koln

Werder Bremen vs Stuttgart

Schalke vs M'gladbach


Sunday 14th August 2022


Mainz vs Union Berlin

Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg


Saturday 20th August 2022


Leverkusen vs Hoffenheim

Dortmund vs Werder Bremen

Augsburg vs Mainz

Stuttgart vs Freiburg

Wolfsburg vs Schalke

Union Berlin vs RB Leipzig

Sunday 21st August 2022


Frankfurt vs Koln

Bochum vs Bayern Munich


Saturday 27th August 2022


Hertha vs Dortmund

Hoffenheim vs Augsburg

Mainz vs Leverkusen

RB Leipzig vs Wolfsburg

Schalke vs Union Berlin

Bayern Munich vs M'gladbach


Sunday 28th August 2022


Koln vs Stuttgart

Werder Bremen vs Frankfurt


Saturday 3rd September 2022


Dortmund vs Hoffenheim

Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich

Leverkusen vs Freiburg

Bochum vs Werder Bremen

Stuttgart vs Schalke

Wolfsburg vs Koln

Frankfurt vs RB Leipzig

Sunday 4th September 2022


Augsburg vs Hertha

M’Gladbach vs Mainz


Saturday 10th September 2022


Bremen vs Augsburg

Bayern Munich vs Stuttgart

Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg

Hertha vs Leverkusen

Hoffenheim vs Mainz

RB Leipzig vs Dortmund

Schalke vs Bochum


Sunday 11th September 2022


Koln vs Union Berlin

Freiburg vs M’Gladbach

Saturday 17th September 2022


Mainz vs Hertha

Leverkusen vs Werder Bremen

Dortmund vs Schalke    

Augsburg vs Bayern Munich

Stuttgart vs Frankfurt

M'gladbach vs RB Leipzig


Sunday 18th September 2022


Union Berlin vs Wolfsburg           

Bochum vs Koln

Hoffenheim vs Freiburg


Saturday 1st October 2022


Bayern Munich vs Leverkusen

Koln vs Dortmund           

Frankfurt vs Union Berlin

Hertha vs Hoffenheim  

RB Leipzig vs Bochum

Freiburg vs Mainz            

Schalke vs FC Augsburg

Werder Bremen  vs M'gladbach 

Wolfsburg vs Stuttgart


Saturday 8th October 2022


Leverkusen vs Schalke  

Bochum vs Frankfurt     

Dortmund vs Bayern Munich      

Augsburg vs Wolfsburg 

Hertha vs Freiburg          

Hoffenheim vs Werder Bremen

M'gladbach vs Koln        

Mainz vs RB Leipzig        

Stuttgart vs Union Berlin


Saturday 15th October 2022


Union Berlin vs Dortmund           

Bayern Munich  vs Freiburg         

Koln vs Augsburg            

Frankfurt vs Leverkusen

RB Leipzig vs Hertha       

Schalke vs Hoffenheim 

Stuttgart vs Bochum      

Werder Bremen vs Mainz            

Wolfsburg vs M'gladbach


Saturday 22nd October 2022


Leverkusen vs Wolfsburg             

Bochum vs Union Berlin

Dortmund vs Stuttgart  

Augsburg vs RB Leipzig  

Hertha vs Schalke            

Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich  

M'gladbach vs Frankfurt              

Mainz vs Koln

Freiburg vs Werder Bremen

Saturday 29th October 2022


Union Berlin vs M'gladbach         

Bayern Munich  vs Mainz             

Koln vs Hoffenheim       

Frankfurt vs Dortmund 

RB Leipzig vs Leverkusen             

Schalke vs Freiburg         

Stuttgart vs Augsburg

Werder Bremen vs Hertha           

Wolfsburg vs Bochum


Saturday 5th November 2022


Leverkusen vs Union Berlin         

Dortmund vs Bochum   

Augsburg vs Frankfurt   

Hertha vs Bayern Munich             

Hoffenheim vs RB Leipzig             

M'gladbach vs Stuttgart

Mainz vs Wolfsburg        

Freiburg vs Koln

Werder Bremen vs Schalke


Tuesday 8th November 2022


Union Berlin vs Augsburg             

Bayern Munich  vs Werder Bremen         

Bochum vs M'gladbach 

Koln vs Leverkusen        

Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim              

RB Leipzig vs Freiburg    

Schalke vs Mainz             

Stuttgart vs Hertha         

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund


Saturday 12th November 2022


Leverkusen vs Stuttgart

Augsburg vs Bochum     

Hertha vs Koln

Hoffenheim vs Wolfsburg            

M'gladbach vs Borussia Dortmund           

Mainz vs Frankfurt          

Freiburg vs Union Berlin

Schalke vs Bayern Munich           

Werder Bremen  vs RB Leipzig     

Saturday 21st January 2023


Union Berlin vs Hoffenheim       

Bochum vs Hertha          

Dortmund vs Augsburg 

Koln vs Werder Bremen

Frankfurt vs Schalke       

M'gladbach vs Leverkusen          

RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich

Stuttgart vs Mainz           

Wolfsburg vs Freiburg


Tuesday 24th January 2023


Leverkusen vs Bochum 

Bayern Munich  vs Koln 

Augsburg vs M'gladbach               

Hertha vs Wolfsburg      

Hoffenheim vs Stuttgart

Mainz vs Dortmund        

Freiburg vs Frankfurt     

Schalke vs RB Leipzig      

Werder Bremen  vs Union Berlin


Saturday 28th January 2023


Leverkusen vs Dortmund             

Bayern Munich vs Frankfurt       

Hertha vs Union Berlin  

Hoffenheim vs M'gladbach         

Mainz vs Bochum            

RB Leipzig vs Stuttgart   

Freiburg vs Augsburg     

Schalke vs Koln 

Werder Bremen vs Wolfsburg    


Saturday 4th February 2023


Union Berlin vs Mainz    

Bochum vs Hoffenheim

Dortmund vs Freiburg   

Koln vs RB Leipzig            

Frankfurt vs Hertha

Augsburg vs Leverkusen

M'gladbach vs Schalke  

Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen      

Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich      


Saturday 11th February 2023


Bayern Munich  vs Bochum         

Koln vs Frankfurt             

Hertha vs M'gladbach    

Hoffenheim vs Leverkusen         

Mainz vs Augsburg         

RB Leipzig vs Union Berlin            

Freiburg vs Stuttgart      

Schalke vs Wolfsburg     

Werder Bremen  vs Dortmund    


Saturday 18th February 2023


Union Berlin vs Schalke 

Leverkusen vs Mainz     

Bochum vs Freiburg       

Dortmund vs Hertha

Frankfurt vs Werder Bremen     

Augsburg vs Hoffenheim             

M'gladbach vs Bayern Munich   

Stuttgart vs Koln              

Wolfsburg vs RB Leipzig

Saturday 25th February 2023


Bayern Munich  vs Union Berlin 

Koln vs Wolfsburg           

Hertha vs Augsburg        

Hoffenheim vs Dortmund            

Mainz vs M'gladbach     

RB Leipzig vs Frankfurt  

Freiburg vs Leverkusen

Schalke vs Stuttgart       

Werder Bremen vs Bochum        


Saturday 4th March 2023


Union Berlin vs Koln

Leverkusen vs Hertha

Bochum vs Schalke         

Dortmund vs RB Leipzig

Augsburg vs Werder Bremen     

M'gladbach vs Freiburg

Mainz vs Hoffenheim    

Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich         

Wolfsburg vs Frankfurt


Saturday 11th March 2023


Bayern Munich  vs Augsburg      

Koln vs Bochum

Frankfurt vs Stuttgart    

Hertha vs Mainz               

RB Leipzig vs M'gladbach             

Freiburg vs Hoffenheim

Schalke vs Dortmund

Werder Bremen vs Leverkusen 

Wolfsburg vs Union Berlin           


Saturday 18th March 2023


Union Berlin vs Frankfurt             

Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich   

Bochum vs RB Leipzig    

Dortmund vs Koln           

Augsburg vs Schalke       

Hoffenheim vs Hertha   

M'gladbach vs Werder Bremen 

Mainz vs Freiburg            

Stuttgart vs Wolfsburg  


Saturday 1st April 2023


Union Berlin vs Stuttgart              

Bayern Munich  vs Dortmund     

Koln vs M'gladbach         

Frankfurt vs Bochum     

RB Leipzig vs Mainz        

Freiburg vs Hertha Berlin             

Schalke vs Leverkusen

Werder Bremen vs Hoffenheim

Wolfsburg vs Augsburg 


Saturday 8th April 2023


Bayer Leverkusen vs Frankfurt  

Bochum vs Stuttgart      

Dortmund vs Union Berlin           

Augsburg vs Cologne     

Hertha vs RB Leipzig       

Hoffenheim vs Schalke 

M'gladbach vs Wolfsburg            

Mainz vs Werder Bremen            

Freiburg vs Bayern Munich          


Saturday 15th April 2023


Union Berlin vs Bochum

Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim  

Koln vs Mainz    

Frankfurt vs M'gladbach               

RB Leipzig vs Augsburg 

Schalke vs Hertha            

Stuttgart vs Dortmund  

Werder Bremen vs Freiburg        

Wolfsburg vs Leverkusen            


Saturday 22nd April 2023


Leverkusen vs RB Leipzig              

Bochum vs Wolfsburg   

Dortmund vs Frankfurt 

Augsburg vs Stuttgart    

Hertha vs Werder Bremen         

Hoffenheim vs Koln

M'gladbach vs Union Berlin         

Mainz vs Bayern Munich              

Freiburg vs Schalke         


Saturday 29th April 2023


Union Berlin vs Leverkusen

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