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Fantasy Premier League GW 35+: 5 Best Picks

Gameweek 35+ is on. Here are our predictions and tips on the 5 best FPL pick for GW 35+ of the Premier League. Here are some great picks for GW 35+ of the Fantasy Premier League.

Last updated: 28.09.2023
Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 35 Best Picks | Sports Social Blog

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After a barrage of goals this past GW, the Premier League moves on to the next one and the anticipation is still high. Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City alone managed to score 11 goals. We also had Vardy scoring a goal along with Danny Ings. The upcoming games are intense with the highlight being Arsenal v Spurs and FPL players should strategize accordingly. 


Here are some ideal picks for GW 35+ Fantasy Premier League


#1. Danny Ings(FWD; Southampton vs Man United)


Danny Ings is among the top scorers in the league despite being in a team that is in the bottom half. In the last 3 matches, he has scored a massive 24 points. Even in matches where Southampton have faced difficulty and defeat, Ings has had a good chance of walking away with a decent amount of points. Manchester United has had a great season since, Bruno Fernandes came over but given how often Danny Ings has scored, the fact that he won’t take penalty points for conceding and he’s going for 7.4, it’s hard to pass him up.

#2. Johnny Evans (DEF; Leicester v Bournemouth)

Johnny Evans is one of the higher scoring defenders. He is only going for 5.3 at this points.Bournemouth has fallen from their competitive peak since the last time these two teams faced and a clean sheet is likely. Given all these factors there’s a fair amount of reason to buy him.

#3. John Lundstram (DEF; Sheffield United vs Chelsea)

John Lundstram is an advantageous player to have, despite the fact that he’s not been performing well since the PL returned and that he’s been injured till recently. Lundstram is going for 4.6 which is one of the lowest figures in the league. Prior to the return of the league, he was often at the top of all the defenders. This is in large part due to the fact that he often plays in the middle and has ample opportunities to score/assist. Chelsea is far from a slouch but given all these factors, Lundstram is a gamble at least worth considering. 

#4. Mason Greenwood (FWD; Man United vs Southampton)

Greenwood is an absolute steal. He’s going for just 4.7 which is unheard of for an attacker.He has managed to score 32 points in just the last 3 games and has scored in every single one of them. He won’t take a points penalty if someone like Danny Ings scores. There are just too many factors in his favour to pass him up. 

#5. Ben Foster (GK; Watford vs Newcastle United)

Ben Foster manages to stay among the top goalkeepers in terms of points despite his team being within an earshot of relegation. Despite losing 3-0 to Chelsea, he managed to get 3 points in that game. Even when the going gets tough, Foster manages a staggering amount of saves. A Newcastle victory is far from guaranteed and he did manage 4 saves and 5 points in the first time they met this season(1-1). It’s not hard to imagine that he’d walk away with a lot of points this time.

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