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Football and sports betting: what relationship for the future?

Large international gambling companies (both online casinos and sports betting, but especially the last one) themselves are big bets to sponsor sports phenomena.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 01.02.2020
Football and Sports Betting | Sports Social Blog

Gambling activities are well regulated in most countries in the world. Large international gambling companies (both online casinos and sports betting, but especially the last one) themselves are big bets to sponsor sports phenomena. Of course, your potential customers and users are, for the most part, watching football.

Gambling activities are regulated in most countries in the world, and especially in countries where the football tradition is greater and popular, as is the case in Europe and America (apart from the United States, where it has also grown) in recent years). This does not prevent the media from questioning the future of relations between the two worlds, which are so close and increasingly dependent on each other.

Situation in England:

In fact, A BBC article has drawn attention to the growing phenomenon of providing casino sponsors and bookies to teams in the two main echelons of English football. This article counts 60% of the number of teams which, at the moment European football, which from now on have such sponsors in the Premier League (first category) and Championship (second category). More precisely, there are 9 Premier League teams and 17 in the Championship.

The media are starting to question whether the percentage of sponsors from such companies is too high. After all, children and teenagers watch football passionately and there is a risk that the action of risking money for the fun of football - the little adrenaline rush that players always feel. - internalized by children as something that is very necessary for football to be something fun.

As everyone knows, gambling including soccer betting is prohibited by law in some countries. But in recent years the possibility of giving up this practice has been debated. Sports betting is in a similar situation, and here it is not only forbidden to operate a betting company but even forbidden to bet - that is, the bettor himself may have a problem with the authorities if he is caught betting money on something like that.

But all of this only applies if the casino or the betting recipient is based on the national territory. The internet has created new elements that have not been fully adapted by the public. Online sports betting and online casinos are freely accessible because they are based in a foreign country where activity is permitted, monitored and regulated (such as Malta, Gibraltar, or Belize).

Because virtual roulette chips or virtual bets are registered on electronic servers located in other countries, owned by companies that also have offices in other countries, many laws do not prohibit them. Do a search to find several options for playing with real money, with the possibility of receiving an eventual victory in various ways. The same applies to sports betting.

It cannot be denied, online games have brought movement for social change. Today, everyone knows that they can play through the internet and this helps create ideas for change.

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