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Command Your Own Team to Victory with Fantasy Football Today

Fantasy sports is becoming wildly popular and competitive with each passing day in India. While it has been thriving in the west for decades, one cannot ignore the growing soccer fandom in India and the online soccer variant offers.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 16.01.2020
Command Your Own Team to Victory with Fantasy Football Today | Sports Social Blog

Fantasy sports is becoming wildly popular and competitive with each passing day in India. While, five years ago, there existed only a handful of sites that catered to this e-sports world, the relentless audience has skyrocketed its growth due to higher rewards and prize pools and multiple gaming options. Today, the market has bloomed exponentially and has extended the action beyond just age-old cricket towards the likes of fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi and much more.

Here, we shall talk about the next big fantasy sport in the internet of India fantasy football. While it has been thriving in the west for decades, one cannot ignore the growing soccer fandom in India and the online soccer variant offers both casual followers and ardent fans to command this universal sport and have in fact, brought women into the gamut as well.

There are a couple of questions that follow, “What does fantasy football have to offer?” and “How to choose an ideal fantasy sports portal?” Let’s get a fair idea about the prospects and mediums of playing this e-sport in India today.

The Idea Behind Playing Fantasy Football Game

Fantasy football is similar to playing the India’s most popular sport, fantasy cricket and in many ways, it is turning into a game changer for football in India in the current century. The support of skill, knowledge and judgment in this sport coupled with the divine merger of online and offline gaming shall lead this online sport to unprecedented heights in the coming years. 

So, how do you play fantasy football? These baby pointers shall shed light on the gameplay in minutes.

·       Select any current or upcoming match from the list

·       Make your team of 11 players of your choice as per the available credit

·       You may select players from either team in question

·       Pick a practice league or cash league as per your choice

1. Team Formation:

·       1 Goal Keeper, 1-3 Forwards, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders (each portal may have its own player limit)

·       You can choose a maximum 7 players from one team

·       Choose your Captain and Vice-Captain for your squad carefully

·       Both Captain and VC carry 2x and 1.5x points respectively, hence impact your overall score

2. Gameplay:

·       Positive points shall be given on successful tackles and assists

·       Every valid goal will attract positive points

·       Every valid assist for a goal will attract plus points

·       Every clean sheet will attract plus points

·       Every saved penalty shot would gain big plus points

3. Discipline:

Like a live football game, it carries two disciplinary cards- Yellow and Red. Getting either card during a game will attract negative points.

4. Extra Time:

Any event that impacts the game during extra time (in game) shall attract negative points.

This is the overall gameplay of a fantasy football game and its related aspects that players need to know before getting started.

Play Fantasy Football League on a Secure App

The perks of playing fantasy football leagues are manifold but they can be best availed on a safe and secure portal that prioritizes user experience. As such, many gaming operators have attempted to seize the fantasy sports industry in the recent times but fail on one end or another.

We tracked down our search on a fantasy sports portal called BalleBaazi (BB) that sprung into form in 2018 and recently completed 2 years this January 2020. Sporting the face of legendary Yuvraj Singh, the portal features three fantasy sports in a single app- Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football and Fantasy Kabaddi.

Its certain features make BB stick out for a long healthy innings.

·   100% safe and legal platform

·   Widest variety of leagues and matches worldwide

·   It practices fair play by discourage fake user accounts, illegal withdrawals and conducting due user verification

·   Highly responsive UI for seamless gaming

·   Premium prizes and attractive cash rewards

·   Multiple playing formats such as practice contests, champion and grinder contests

·   Shorter formats such as Batting fantasy and Bowling fantasy to offer extra edge to the game

·    It supports fast deposits and quick withdrawals

·    Multiple payment options

·    New user bonus codes, referral bonus codes and more

·    Help desk for queries and complaints

BalleBaazi (BB) offers a complete fantasy sports experience that’s player-oriented and focusses on improving user experience on every possible level. It further boosts your confidence and thrusts you deeper into the gaming mode with regular promotions and lets you track your performance via monthly leaderboards. Top finishers can win premium gadgets like OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy M30 and cash rewards. You may check the BB blog for quick fantasy premier league tips and tricks to kick-start your game mode and test run with few practice games and contests.

Fantasy sports has served as an excellent opportunity for folks across age, gender, community and location in India and the world to behave like a singular commanding force and test run one’s knowledge and expertise on the sport to reap tangible rewards.

The satisfaction of winning a live game through your own team is incredible and gives you bragging rights along with the enjoyment of following a game till the season’s very end. So, join this season’s action and claim rewards in exchange for all those years you spent in front of the big screen on every major fantasy league starting today.

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