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Greatest FIFA World Cup Final of all Time

The 2022 FIFA World Cup final was played between Argentina and France. Argentina won the match in penalty shootout. Here’s the story of the Greatest FIFA World Cup Final of all Time.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 20.12.2022
Greatest FIFA World Cup Final of all Time

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When it was confirmed that Argentina will be playing against France then it was expected that the match will be good and it will be competitive but no one thought that would turn out to be the greatest World Cup final of all time and it was not always heading in this direction which we will talk about below. The match started at 8:30 PM which was the perfect time for the fans in India.

Before we talk about this match I want to say that seeing these kinds of matches especially in the World Cup final is something that is very hard to watch and these Matches are remembered for a long time and the importance of the occasion helps it to stay fresh in the memories of the fans. So, let’s talk about this match.

Argentina have a perfect first half


The first half in the match was all Argentina as the team from South America was dominating throughout the match and they got the regards for it as Lionel Messi scored a penalty and then Angel Di Maria scored a beautiful team goal and it was 2-0 and it looked like an easy win. However it was not about to be this easy.

The Kylian Mbappe Show

The second half started and till the 80th minute it was looking like a 2-0 win for Argentina and then Kylian Mbappe scored a penalty and it was 2-1 and then immediately he scored a great goal to make it 2-2 and the fans of Argentina were stunned. This was turning out to be an incredible final and the match went to extra time 

Messi and Mbappe shine in Extra time

In the extra time first it was Lionel Messi who gave Argentina the lead once again in the match when he scored a lovely goal to make it 3-2 for Argentina and he got 7 goals in the match nug then immediately in the match Kylian Mbappe again scored a penalty and then it was a World Cup final hat trick and it was for the first time in 56 years that this happened. And the match ended 3-3 and we were going to penalties.

Emi Martinez The Hero for Argentina

We have to talk about the hero for Argentina who was responsible for them winning the World Cup as in the last minute of the match Emi Martinez saved a strike and he kept Argentina in the final and that save was the best save of the World Cup and then in the penalty shootout he again stood up for Argentina as he made a good save and Argentina won the shootout by 4-2 and thus the FIFA World Cup. Emi Martinez has become the best goalkeeper in the world.

Messi reaches immortality

Lionel Messi needed this one win to attain the status of an immortal and yesterday he scored 2 goals and was the perfect leader and he guides then to a World Cup and this was the moment where he became the Undisputed greatest of all time and all his teammates did it for him.

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