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Which club will Kylian Mbappe play for next season?

Reportedly, Kylian Mbappe sent a letter to the PSG management that he will not renew his contract. In this article, we take a look at which club will Kylian Mbappe play for next season?

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 23.06.2023
Which club will Kylian Mbappe play for next season?

After Lionel Messi made his decision about joining Inter Miami, a few days later a shocking news came from reputed journalist Fabrizio Romano that Kylian Mbappe sent a letter to the PSG management that he will not renew his contract after the conclusion of how current one next year and he will leave for free next summer but PSG are adamant that they will not allow Kylian Mbappe to leave for free .

The summer transfer window has just started and this saga will be the most talked about saga this transfer window as both sides seem determined to do what they want and it will be fascinating to see what eventually happens. 

So, let’s look at the 2 Club options that are there in front of Kylian Mbappe this summer

Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

The first club that he could play for next season is PSG and this is the club he wants to play for next season and see our his contract but the PSG management does not want him to play this season and leave next for free so they have given him an ultimatum that he should resign with them or they will sell him to the highest bidder on this transfer window. The release clause of Kylian Mbappe is $180 million which is the highest in the world and he the club that gives this amount of money will be able to sign him this summer, but first PSG will try their best to convince him to.stay as Kylian is only 25 years old and has his best years ahead of him.

Real Madrid

The second real option for Kylian Mbappe is Real Madrid from Spain and Kylian Mbappe has said that Real Madrid is his dream club and he wants to play for them when his current contract gets next season and Real Madrid were prepared to wait till next season but after the letter that Kylian Mbappe sent to PSG about next season has made them wake up and Florentino Perez wants to bring in Kylian Mbappe this summer and they are ready to pay $200 million for his services and although PSG do not want to sell him to Real Madrid but if they offer $200 million then they would have no option but to accept the bid and use those $200 million for future signings.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the Top 3 best players in the world right now and either of these teams will be grateful to have him but he has not been able to win the Champions league in PSG and this might be the reason that he wants to play for Real Madrid but he may not get everything that he want as PSG are willing to let go off him.

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