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Daniel Ricciardo Returns to Formula 1

Daniel Ricciardo returned to Formula 1 from the Hungarian Grand Prix. Let’s talk about the details of this news and how it all came about

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.07.2023
Daniel Ricciardo Returns to Formula 1

The shocking news came that Daniel Ricciardo will return to Formula 1 from the next race which will be the Hungarian Grand Prix and it will be held on 23rd July. It was not looking likely that Daniel Ricciardo will be able to race this season and it was looking like he was going to announce his retirement from Formula 1 and that would have been a sad day for the sport. He will race for the sister team of Red Bull which is AlphaTauri for the rest of the season and this has brought a lot of joy to the fans of Formula 1.

So, let’s talk about the details of this news and how it all came about

Daniel Ricciardo is finally back

Daniel Ricciardo was released by McClaren last season and then he was acquired by Red Bull aa the Third driver and he was there to test out cars but everyone knew he was much better than that and during his time at Red Bull he was able to get better at his skills and the Red Bull management was impressed with him but they were not able to find him a seat for their team so they loaned him to their sister team AlphaTauri and he will be a part of Formula 1. Although this decision is being seen as too harsh on Nyck De Vries who only raced 10 times for AlphaTauri and some fans feel he should have been given a longer run but during these 10 races he was not able to produce any good results.

Daniel Ricciardo has won 8 Grand Prix races which is much more than most of the drivers on the grid currently. This all happened because of the poor performances by Nyck De Vries throughout the season and Red Bull brought him in because he was a former Formula 2 and Formula E Champion and the hope was he would get points for them but they did not happen. Nyck De Vries also had issues with his teammate Yuki Tsonuda and he was involved in a lot of accidents and this has brought an end to his Formula 1 career in his first season. Daniel Ricciardo is at home where he started his journey in 2012 which was a decade back and he can prove to everyone that he is still capable of winning races and earning Points.

This decision is also an indirect message to Sergio Perez who is the number 2 driver in Red Bull as his 2023 season has gone from a Dream start where he won the first 2 out of 4 races and after that he has had a slump of epic proportions because he has not been able to get into the Top 5 on a regular basis and this is worrying the Red Bull team and the worst part is that Sergio Perez has failed to qualify in the Top 10 for the last 5 consecutive Grand Prix and this does not suit a driver of Red Bull. And this decision could prove to be a stepping stone to a much bigger step for Daniel Ricciardo because if he performs excellently and consistently does better than his teammate Yuki Tsonuda and Sergio Perez is not able to better his season the 2024 could look a lot different at Red Bull.

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