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Getting Started with Sports Social: Learn the basics

Whether you are a passionate footballer ,energetic cricketer or adventurous sports lover, We will help you make the most of Sports Social.

Sports Social
Last updated: 23.12.2017
Screenshot of Sports Social app showing Open Arena | Sports Social Blog

Whether you are a passionate football player, energetic cricket player or an adventurous sports lover, We will help you make the most of sports social. So that you have to Just play, Have fun and Enjoy the game.

Learn the basics that will help you make the most of Sports Social...

What is Sports Social

Sports Social is sports digital media and networking service that helps you to see what’s going around in your locality in sports & lets you chase your passion to play your favorite sport, Currently include more than 50 sports categorized in four types:

  1. Team Sports includes Cricket, Football, Basketball etc.

  2. Individual Sports includes Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton etc.

  3. Fitness Sports includes Running, Cycling, Yoga etc.

  4. Fun/Leisure includes Bowling, E games etc.

What do I use Sports Social for

While everyone will experience Sports Social differently, depending on your geography, sports interests, use and other various factors that take into account to get most relevant updates for you.

Here are few areas that will help you to get started with Sports Social app.

Your Sports Social Profile:

Ever wondered how many sports activities you have done in your lifetime? Who were your playmates? And remember your incredible sports experiences that felt you with the adrenaline. Not exactly, But It’s all in your memories, right?

Show it off here on Sports Social and make every game count.

Sports Social believes that everyone has got a player inside & We are here to bring that out. Sports Social profile is the track record of your sports activities, The people you played with (Playmates) and Your Fans.

Your Sports Social profile will also be the records of your skills in sports, Your all matches, their summary, Media, Memories & Highlights of the matches you play.

Stay connected to your sports world:

Connect with the people you play (Your Playmates), Your Fans (Who follow your sports ), Follow others whom you admire (Like their playing style, attitude, Mantra etc). Sports Social enables you to get updates about the upcoming matches happening near you of your sports interests in “Open Arena”, Stay updated to What your playmates and following are up to in “My Arena”

Just tag the playgrounds where you play, Wait for it to verify and favorite it to get updates about the matches happening at that playground. You can connect to Institutions like Sports academies, Sports Complexes, Private Sports facility owners,  Your School, College or Organization. If You don’t find your organization in “My Locality”, Just tag it and get started.

See what’s going around you:

Get the latest on local sports going around you in the Open Arena.

Open Arena is a tailored feed of matches customized according to your sports interests, activities, network and location.

“Open Arena is an open place where everyone is welcome to play and express their passion for sports”

In this series of Blogs, We will be telling every bits and pieces to help you how to best use Sports Social and what are the various benefits of using Sports Social. Stay tuned to our upcoming Blogs.

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