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Sports Social rising from an idea into a reality

“Sports Social”, believes that everyone got a player inside & we are here to create the world’s largest sports community.Keep supporting!

Sports Social
Last updated: 09.02.2018
Sports Social, World's First Ever Sports Network | Sports Social Blog

I remember, I only remember those innocent smiling faces, sweating hard for nothing but to prove their pre-eminence over other, sometimes outclassed and crying for being so! I remember when you all were a toddler, a kid or a teenager, I was the only best friend and you all appreciated me all through your days, no matter what it was and where you were, a school, a playground, a college or even a stadium. I remember, how you people were used to be crazy about me, even sometimes you people got thumped by your parents for this, but you’d never stopped preaching your emotions and crave for me.  Obviously I had and I have my importance in your life. Who am I? I am Sports!

But I am not alone; there is something that too brought you all some deep thoughts of immortal memories, your first ever childhood friends, your first ever team, your first ever win or perhaps the first ever chance to know people other than your family. I always gave you the happiness you ever had wondered, the friends you can rely on and the loads of experiences that created your everlasting moments. For anything and everything that I got recalled in your head, I would love to be called Sports Social hereafter.

I am Sports Social, I will never leave you alone, not even at your hard times, I shaded everything that saddened you and cheered you up! Do you remember your summer vacations? I’m sure yes, cause I was there with you in your summer camps or at your homes/villages where you had multiple teams to play any sport of your eventual interest. The fact that surprised me the most was, everybody stopped you to adhere by me but you broke all the limits to be with me. Certainly you must have realized that it was not only you who gave me importance but I too cared what you were interested for, I kept you fit and healthy no matter what the match caused, joy (win) or despair (defeat). Even I got improved by the technology; I too shifted myself from on physical sports to virtual gaming, requirement changed from physical presence to e-presence and much more is yet to come!

But one thing that hurts me the most is an ugly feeling of negligence, the negligence I’ve been all through after you left your college/universities and got employed somewhere. You left me in the race of being rich and earning more and more money to keep your comfort zone even stronger so that you could laze on your couches and get surrounded by the stuffs that degrade your health and fitness. You are trending something that harms the country at every level, being the second largest population in the world, our position lies nowhere on the world map of sports. Doesn’t it sound strange? I don’t require any special attention; even you can be with me in less intense and more relaxing activities. I help you in being physically fit, mentally stronger and socially remarkable personality, believe that! So, what are you waiting for, get back to me and wish I could give you some more exciting moments of your life.

Everybody loves me, either he/she plays, follows, watches or promotes at least one of many sports. And yet again I kept my promises! For igniting you all once again I tried to fit in a Tech Avatar , I am working hard to keep your interests to the next level, all required is your support and patience. There is lot more to come for you to beat everything that stops you to be with me. Mark my words! Get back to me, See you in arena!

We are looking forward to make “Sports Social” the world’s largest sports community for all. Keep supporting!

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