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Does participation in Sports affects Society? 

Sports, this term is gaining its original recognition in India in the recent days. community running clubs and marathon participation

Nikhil Kanaujia
Last updated: 13.12.2017
Sports are a great way for social integration | Sports Social Blog

Sports, The Activities involving the Gross Motor Skills, Competition and an organized set of rules. But yet no standard definition is accepted, there are multiple definitions and criteria to define sports.


Both men and women gain happiness from participating in physical activity, and men appear to benefit more. But does participate in sports lead to a higher reported quality of life, and if so, what mechanisms convey this effect?

We will go through the various discussions on Sports, Culture and Society.

So, How does participation in sports benefit society?

Policymakers around the world have implemented programs to increase participation in physical activity in order to promote health, fight rising obesity, deter crime, impart important life skills on youth, and achieve other important societal goals over the past few decades

Does the happiness generated from sports participation extend beyond the duration of the activity?

There are good reasons to expect it does since physical activity promotes health, which is important for a happier life. Furthermore, participation in sport provides opportunities for socialization and helps develop communication and cooperation skills, all of which may lead to a more fruitful life. It is thus possible that participating in sports produces not just transitory, but long-lasting happiness.


Current Indian Sports Culture Trends:

Sports, this term is gaining its original recognition in India in the recent days. Instead of the Cricket being in the limelight, even other events are coming up gaining better audience crowd to cheer and applaud. Earlier, the term sports had been in use just for the cricket. With the growing popularity of Commonwealth Games and Asiad and the dedicated players making up to the winning note, Indians have started to count for the number of medals won in different sports events.

To have a clear acceptance among the masses, we need the help of youth to get themselves indulged in other sports activities than sports, and the social media to give a widespread coverage and create the level of enthusiasm and eagerness to watch our nation holding up the victory cup.

We are very encouraged by some emerging trends. There is increasing awareness of health and fitness in the country. This is evident through the extraordinary growth in gym memberships and the visible emergence of a running culture in India. The popularity of community running clubs and marathon participation are exciting trends.

By the culture, We are going to create India is very much ready to make a mark on "World Sporting Arena".

Indicative questions that might arise out of a process to sports:

  1. What does sport mean to oneself or what place has sport played in the individual’s biography?  

  2. How has one’s personal identity been affected by sport over time?  

  3. To what extent have feelings about sport been influenced by a process of interaction with others?  

  4. How do sports form a pattern of association and interaction?  

  5. How do athletes in certain situations reciprocate with and against one another?

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We will be back soon with more about Culture, Sports and Society.

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