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Sports Social
Last updated: 15.10.2017
Sports Social: A world where everyone is welcome to play and enjoy their favorite sports without any barriers. | Sports Social Blog
"Think of a child, oblivious to the worries of the world, carefree & innocent, whose only wish is to get back from school as early as possible so that he could go out and play. He plays with anyone and everyone. It's in moments like these that he starts becoming social; he makes new mates and memories each day.

As the time goes by, he plays with more passion and perhaps much more effort. The love for sports continues throughout the college life. But as soon as he leaves college and becomes an employee, he finds himself alone in the arena, forced to stop playing because there's no fun in playing alone or everyone is busy in their own means. Certainly, he sees the ugly side of the world around him, people toiling day and night just to earn a living, just to survive. Doesn't everyone love to play? The reality is, growing up, everybody plays at least one sport and they all give up once they find themselves trapped in the deep roots of survival.

Sports are not only just a social event but also a social phenomenon and social institutions. Sport provides a forum to learn skills such as discipline, confidence, and leadership and it teaches core principles such as tolerance, co-operation, and respect. Sport teaches the value of effort and how to manage victory as well as defeat. When these positive aspects of the sport are emphasized, sport becomes a powerful vehicle.

The practice of sport is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical and emotional health and building valuable social connections. It offers opportunities for play and self-expression. Sport can cut across the barriers that divide societies, making it a powerful tool to support conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts, both symbolically on the global level and practices within communities.

Sport is far more than a luxury or a form of entertainment. Access to and participation in sport is a human right and essential for individuals of all ages to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Sport – from play to physical activity to organized competitive sport – has an important role in all societies.

Play, especially among children, is any physical activity that is fun and participatory. It is often unstructured and free from adult direction. Recreation is more organized than play and generally entails physically active leisure activities. Sport is more organized again and involves rules or customs or sometimes competition. Importantly, play, physical recreation, and sport are freely chosen activities undertaken for pleasure.

The Concept of “Sports Social” is central to this understanding of the sport. “Sports Social” aims to provide a framework and maximize access to and participation in appropriate forms of physical activity. Emphasis is placed on participation and inclusion of all groups in society, regardless of gender, age, ability or race.

Dreaming of a “Sports Social” world, We have launched our beta android application on Google Play Store this 31st of Dec, 2016 and reached 10000 users very quickly.

Sports Social app is shaped to create a mapping of sports activities in a locality connecting the people and places involved in sports ecosystem including players, Coaches, sports venues, Sports event managers etc. Thus resulting in the creation of local sports communities/clubs and making the sports-friendly environment in Localities, Societies, Apartments, and Institutions (Schools, Colleges, and Organizations).

This will be the birth of a broad array of positive community networks and relationships that can be developed through engagement with the sport and termed as “Sports Social Networking".
This engagement will create opportunities that can foster social inclusion and community development, which in turn, can assist in building high levels of positive social capital.

Let's be social for sports and make India more sports friendly. #ChaseYourSport 

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