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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the huge world of Sports

As promised, we deep dive into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the huge world of Sports as the industry is revolutionizing.

Last updated: 10.03.2019
Application of AI in Sport | Sports Social Blog
As promised, we deep dive into the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the huge world of Sports. Let us see how emotions and heartbeats overrule coding. So, no need to hold your breath, but make sure you fasten your seat belt because this set of information might blow-up your mental stability.

1) Scouting and Coaching.

Yes, the time has evolved for the machines to decide based on several sets of databases, whether a player is a perfect match for a respective team or not.  Question is, how does it work? Wearable technologies like the
Accelerometers and the Gyroscopes work to capture the data of player movements and health graphs. It not only accumulates relevant data but also helps determine player patterns and movement through machines. It is almost an impossible task for a human being to track movements of a player happening each second. But, with technology, it is now possible. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, the technology is advancing at such a rate where it is going to determine when a player might pick up an injury. That too during an on-going match. These set of data are now utilized by coaches to not only scout fresh talent but also help use them in the right way. The technology is also utilized to create new movement and form patterns through understanding the player mentality and tendency.     

2) Performance Analysis.

As seen in Mr. Brad Pitt featured movie, “
Moneyball”, Performance Analysis is a whole new concept worldwide. Before, teams had the Head Coaches and the Gaffers deciding on team patterns, player profiling, player movements and the other tactical and technical side of the sport. But, in recent time, each team have started having their own Performance Analysts. Now, what do these computer geeks do that improves on-field performance? Well, they use software which helps them draw player patterns and team mentality. Everything of it is completely backed by data science. Softwares like Hudl, Opta, Dartfish are used by the  Analysts to understand the strengths and weaknesses of self and competitors in on-field performance. These software are backed by AI to help in strategizing and developing tactics.

3) Fan Viewing and Broadcasting

No doubt, the current change in technology faces the highest boom in the world of Social Media. Millions of viewers engage in Social Media to enjoy their favourite sport. One of the key markets for media companies is
Social Media.  The usage of Artificial Intelligence is also prevalent in this. As people say, “Content is King”, the media house which breaks news is a king in the modern era. Similarly, in sports, the one who publishes the content fastest is ahead in the race. But, a sport is a live platform, anything can happen in sport till the last second. Any news may change until the game concludes. So, how do the media houses make sure to deliver the news rapidly as soon as the match ends with minimal errors? Well, there is AI backed software which makes sure that the content is well written and presented to the viewers so that they enjoy maximum optimization. Also, the monopoly of Television which was the only way of broadcasting sport to viewers has changed with the introduction of several OTT platforms. Now, viewers can enjoy a match from any part of the world, which means, while they are traveling, working and even bathing in their bathrooms!

4) Advertisement

We see multi-billion investments from huge corporates and brands in sports. So, when we see big events like the IPL, we have huge sponsors investing in the event. Though, why do these brands invest? Also, how do they know whether their brand gets proper visibility and engagement through broadcasters? Well, there are several companies working on this. Technologies like content feature analysis, and viewership analytics which deals with understanding the emerging trends in viewer segments, content preferences and insights into content help the investors to understand the market. Also, when a fan watches a live sport in an OTT platform, there are ads which pop-up on the screen based on the on-going game. There are algorithms coded which help to pop up the relevant ads related to the event. Even, technologies like the Image recognition technology is capable to capture useful data like how often the brands were visible on television screens, how long they were on display for and the quality of exposure. Another interesting AI driven application is helping brands measure the exposure they get in return for their sports sponsorship investment, more effectively than ever before.

Thus, concluding, these are some of the many AI driven applications in the world of Sport. As the industry is revolutionizing, it is opening up a variety of opportunities for tech buffs and marketing experts to sell their products and enjoy the beautiful game.

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