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Introduction to AI in Sports

The journey is long and seems plain sailing for AI in sports as it continues to impact and play a pivotal role in the business of sports.

Last updated: 26.02.2019
Introduction to AI in Sports | Sports Social Blog

Growing up, we saw a drift in technology. It took the developers no time to convert the huge PC boxes to smartly built compact LED computers of 5-6”. Ever since then, before we could understand how technology, especially software application technology has changed our lives, we already witnessed a big revolution in Artificial Intelligence. In the present times, the most buzzing and exciting technology is Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Both AI and Big Data have their large share of offering in various fields. To name some of it, they made it possible for farmers to grow better crops, allow people to take better care of their health, and help every industry to take quicker decisions on many problems through various applications. With the major advancements, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data continue growing and transforming the world of technology to better our lives.

But, in recent times, it is an exciting hour for the sports industry to avail from the many applications of fabricated technologies. Current integration of AI in sports is a lot more than what people could expect. Not only does it help the sports clubs to enhance their fan base, but it is also helping teams to find the right talent, analyzing player performance, player nutrition and what not. These are some of the many uses of Artificial Intelligence in the current world of Sports.  The application of Artificial Intelligence is not restricted to the aforementioned qualities. In fact, it has a plethora of opportunities to grow in the coming future.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence has a huge role in Sports Analytics. According to various resources, the Global Sports Analytics market was valued at USD 135.23 million in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 2,432.30 million by 2025, growing at a whooping Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37.86% (which is expected to grow further) from 2017 to 2025.

Sports Analysts compile data of a particular sport. It includes the history, strategy, tactics, possible formations and much more. The main motive is to increase the efficiency of a team. The analysis deals with the available database to make reference to the players and the functioning of the club. It is intriguing to understand, how analytics can cut down the costs incurred by a club.  The sports industry has rejoiced the impact of Artificial Intelligence through various concepts. The concepts focus on increased efficiency and engagement.

The journey is long and seems plain sailing for AI in sports as it continues to impact and play a pivotal role in the business of sports as well as the technical side of it. The capabilities seem to be ever-growing as it advances further.

Some of the industry stalwarts or the major players in the market currently are Stats LLC, IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Trumedia Networks, Opta Sports.

The future seems bright with the influx of the latest technologies utilized in sports.  Looking forward, in our next article, we plan to deep dive into the various applications of the technologies used in the sports industry and how are they actually uplifting the game and its experience to the fans.  

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