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Leading Powerlifters You Should Know

In this article, Check out about the leading powerlifters you should know. How do you feel about this list? Have we missed any noteworthy powerlifters, in your opinion?

Last updated: 02.10.2022
Leading Powerlifters You Should Know

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In this article, Check out about the leading powerlifters you should know. How do you feel about this list? Have we missed any noteworthy powerlifters, in your opinion?

Daniel Bell

Daniel Bell, one of the world's greatest powerlifters, has done a lot in the course of his fifteen-year career. He set a number of world records and displayed strength that defies the odds.


One of the things that makes Daniel Bell such an interesting Instagram follower is the fact that he consistently sets record-breaking weights. So you will immediately know that it is excellent if you see him on your timeline.

Daniel is still becoming better despite having previously experienced some of the most amazing highs in the sport. In a recent interview with Fitness Volt, he spoke about some of his future intentions.


Mark Henry

It’s similar to saying Superman is a reporter to imply Mark Henry is a powerlifter. His portfolio also includes professional wrestling, strongman, and weightlifting, making this just one of many modest things he performs.

However, Henry’s powerlifting accomplishments are noteworthy. After all, he began weight training in the fourth grade, when he was 5’5” and 225 pounds. From there, he developed into one of the world’s strongest lifters.

Mark is a worthy Instagram follow whether you are interested in pro wrestling, weightlifting, or just generally intriguing material. He doesn’t publish a lot of lifting-related content, but he’s still entertaining to watch.


Kristy Hawkins

Kristy Hawkins is unquestionably one of the most talented powerlifters on our list, despite being one of the most underappreciated. In an effort to demonstrate this, she has held four records to date.

Hawkins, a former bodybuilder, switched careers in 2014. Since then, she has consistently demonstrated her talent, never failing to astound and wow with each appearance.

Her Instagram following is one of the smallest on our list, most likely as a result of how infrequently she uploads. However, it is always worthwhile to check out Kristy Hawkins when she does appear on your page.


Thompson, Jen

Jen Thompson is one of the most illustrious competitors in the annals of female powerlifting and a true veteran of the sport. Her admittance into the IPF Hall of Fame is evidence that this is the case.

Jen is currently 47 years old, but don’t let that deceive you. She is still actively competing and has the ability to put together some incredible displays that can compete with those of her younger peers.

This is something you might want to rethink if you somehow managed to elude becoming one of Jen’s roughly 80k Instagram followers. With every post, she serves as a steady source of inspiration and motivation.

Daniella Melo

Daniella Melo, a multiple IPF World Champion, is the pinnacle of female powerlifters. The best is still to come for this 185 lb athlete, who is only 22 years old, which is incredible to hear given how well she has already performed.

Daniella consistently improves in appearance from appearance to appearance, which is precisely what you would expect from someone of her potential. She has unfortunately been out of competition for a long, but that appears to be about to change.

Following Daniella on Instagram will provide you access to information on her return to competition and next projects.


Strickland, James

James Strickland spent a while searching before discovering powerlifting after beginning his career as a swimmer and even trying out for the NFL. But after that, it was obvious that he had made the proper decision.

James had the size necessary for success by nature, but he also exhibited the power expected from a top athlete of his caliber. He intended to bench 700 pounds lighter than anyone else, and he is getting closer to that objective.

You may track James’ progress toward his objective by following him on Instagram. In addition to that, you should pay attention to the work he consistently does in the gym.


Lya Bavoil

One of the best young powerlifters to come out of Europe in a while is French athlete Lya Bavoil. She has significant evidence supporting this claim, including world records in the squat and overall.

Lya’s amazing skill set is made all the more impressive by the fact that she overcame Asperger’s Syndrome to get where she is. She discussed it in a recent interview with Fitness Volt, and her story is, to put it mildly, inspirational.

You will quickly discover that Lya Bavoil is one of the most upbeat and accomplished powerlifters you will ever see if you follow her on Instagram. Every article she provides is certain to make you smile.


Jessica Buettner

Jessica Buettner, a Canadian powerlifter, is now regarded as one of the greatest 158-pound powerlifters in the world. It is even more impressive to see things happen when managing Type 1 Diabetes.

She hasn’t allowed her dietary limitations to hinder her from setting world records and improving her abilities. In her six years of lifting, she has put together a string of performances that hint at a protracted reign as one of the finest ever.

Jessica Buettner is one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet, and that was obvious when she chatted with Fitness Volt last year. If you follow her on Instagram, you can see her smile widely with each powerful lift to witness this in action.


Amanda Lawrence

One of the biggest names in the powerlifting world right now is Amanda Lawrence. She already has a number of records both domestically and internationally, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Amanda never fails to wow, whether it be with her squat, deadlift, or enormous totals. She frequently disseminates wild updates, exercise advice, and ideas to bulk up.

Overall, Amanda Lawrence is a terrific Instagram user to follow. She deserves to be at the top of the list of powerlifters to follow because of her eccentric training regimen, wise counsel, and inspiring comments.

How do you feel about this list? Have we missed any noteworthy powerlifters, in your opinion?

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