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Sports gives a right attitude towards life

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude. Sports give a right attitude towards life. Attitude is something that counts a lot in one's life.

Last updated: 26.10.2017
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The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude. Sports give a right attitude towards life. Attitude is something that counts a lot in one's life. You can possess any attitude, positive or negative. Although the association between right attitude and performance in any game is not proved scientifically, a positive attitude can make out the thinking more efficient. Many times it may happen that even on putting continuous efforts the results will not be as good as expected. This may be discouraging and might cause disheartening in the athlete but the positive attitude in all situations can provide the motivational spirit within the athlete.

Bad attitude or negative thinking is like a flat tire that affects the performance of life but the positive attitude can make worse situations easier. The right attitude is something that increases the effective thinking, it helps to regain the focus on goals even after mistakes, builds up the confidence within the athlete.

Life is comparable to the roads which shows every possibility of life. The roads all around are connected at every point, may it be the smooth highways or may it be the broken roads of villages. Every human passes through the difficulties of hurdles while traveling, obstacles are everywhere. but people having a positive attitude will face every obstacle with a smile. Similarly, a sportsman with the right attitude does the same. He may have tough times, may have bad days to pass by, may face a heavy loss in his game but accepting all of them with a bright smile will make him go far enough in life. Positive attitude in an athlete will make him consider the situation the same for all. If it's difficult for him it will be not easy for others too. Sports thus says to stay calm and keep a smile on your face, which in turn makes the worst situations smooth and much easier.

Leading from the front:

Talking about our Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli, The responsibility of Test captaincy seems to bring the best out of him. Leading from the front is easier said than done. But Kohli seems like a veteran on the field and his tactical moves gladden the hearts of many successful Indian captains.

He manages time to perfection and keeps himself mentally and physically fit to be consistent in all formats of the game. It’s his zone that matters most to him and he has managed to maintain that irrespective of the game situation. Even Greg Chappell, who scored over 700 runs in a series against the fierce West Indian attack, writes: “Comparing them across Tendulkar’s entire ODI career, Kohli has scored a larger proportion of runs vis-à-vis Tendulkar albeit at a lower Strike Rate Impact, but when it comes to building partnerships, absorbing pressure and chasing, Kohli is ahead of Tendulkar. Kohli appears to be a driven individual so, on the evidence so far, we can look forward to many more match-winning performances and series-defining efforts from him before he has finished.”

I don’t claim to know Kohli as some of the journalists from Delhi do. They have followed his career since his school days. This is very important because one gets to observe the player’s change in attitude or approach over the years. One such man is Vijay Lokapally, whose book “Driven” showcases a man committed to the game.

The 2016-17 period is going to be tough for Kohli. As a captain and a No. 4 batsman, it could be very exhausting. It will be riveting to watch a man of his class tackle this period and emerge successfully.

"ABILITY is what you are capable of doing, MOTIVATION determines what you do, ATTITUDE determines how well you do it"

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