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Selecting the Right Casino App in India: Top 10 Points to Remember

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 points to keep in mind when selecting the right casino app in India.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 12.01.2024
Selecting the Right Casino App in India

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When it comes to online gambling in India, the choice between casino apps and the old-school desktop setup is a game-changer. Picking casino apps is like saying hello to convenience and a better gaming experience. This guide breaks down the 10 most important things to consider while choosing one.


Choosing a casino app? Think about the license - it's crucial! A license means the app is legit. It's like a stamp of approval, ensuring your gaming is fair and safe. The best casino apps in India come from licensed gambling sites. So, when choosing a casino app, make sure it's got the license for a worry-free and enjoyable experience.



Experiencing mobile gambling on an app is possible only when it is compatible with your device. Jumping onto the bandwagon of installing casino apps is tempting, but what if an app isn’t even available for your device? Indeed, some apps are available exclusively for Android users and others for iOS. So, look before you leap.


Consider the size of a gambling app when choosing one! If downloading for Android, evaluate the APK size first and then the size of the app to be installed. The larger the APK, the higher the Internet data consumption for downloading. Also, big apps tend to be memory-hogging and battery-draining. The same is true for iOS apps as well. So, opt for smaller apps that download faster and keep things light.


Smooth navigation is key to an enjoyable gaming experience on apps. Opt for apps with an organized and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. Well-labeled menus and categories enhance accessibility, making it easy to browse the app and access the sections within it.

Game Selection

The spice of any casino app lies in its diverse game selection. While desktop casino sites and their mobile apps may differ in terms of layout, ensure that no game is missed. Whatever games you can access on the desktop site should also be available on the app.

Payment Methods

Just like the game selection, the range of payment methods should also be the same in the desktop site and mobile app of an online casino. After all, it’s about gambling on the move; paying on the go shouldn’t be a hiccup.

On another note, ensure that the casino app you choose supports popular local payment options such as UPI, IMPS, and Net Banking, for hassle-free transactions. A mix of e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller isn’t bad either.

Bonuses and Promotions

What good is a casino without bonuses and promotions? The range of offers should also be available in the app and easily accessible. Pick a casino app with welcome bonuses, free spin offers, cashbacks, and other perks. Also, don’t forget to read the fine print.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is crucial even on casino apps. The best casinos offer live chat support 24/7. When you pick an app, make sure it is easy to reach out to support with a few simple taps. No player likes to navigate through layers to reach an agent, especially when urgency hits.

Player Feedback

When choosing a casino app, consider the feedback it has received from players. It's like asking friends if a new restaurant is good before trying it. Read reviews and check ratings for insights into reliability, user experiences, financial security, gaming evaluation, and more. Choose an app with positive feedback for a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

Casino App vs. Mobile Casino Site

Choosing between a casino app and a mobile casino site? Consider these aspects first:

●      Is the app compact in size?

●      Does it drain your mobile device’s battery?

●      Is it easier to register or log into the casino account on the app?

●      Is the app better than the mobile site in terms of navigability?

●      Does the app offer extra perks for installing and using it for online gambling?

●      Do you have enough space on your device for the app?

●      Does the app come with security features such as a biometric lock?

If the answer to all or most of the above questions is a no, why bother installing the app at all? Everything it has to offer is also available on the casino’s responsive mobile site - all without the hassles of downloading and sacrificing storage space on your device.

It will load seamlessly across various mobile devices and browsers and offer you the same experience you’d get in the app. And then, you won’t have to update a mobile site regularly to keep it functional.

The only time you can think of switching to an app is when you mostly gamble on the go but the mobile site is just not good enough.


Finding the top Indian casino apps isn’t rocket science. You simply have to prioritize the 10 aspects we discussed. Let this guide be your companion as you explore them.

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